Friday, November 29

Product Guide - Play Pool from Mister B

I'm yet to purchase this and must admit it's very tempting as it would make a great prop for shooting certain latex scenes.

I'm sure one or two of you have other ideas as to what you could use it for but will leave that for your own dirty minds.

According to Mister B they're offering a 30 euro discount on 01Dec. Don't take my word for it, click the image below & see for yourselves.

Wednesday, November 13

Photo Gallery - WallPaper Images to download

Some WallPaper images you can use on your Desktop should you feel the need for a regular fix,

All were created for me some years ago by an adoring fan. 


These are also available on my homepage.


Friday, November 8

Artist ICON - Monika Elfe II

I've known Monika Elf II for going on 30 years and have often been surprised at her creative genius when it comes to Photo Manipulation. Many have tried to copy her creative genius yet i know of none who come anywhere near.
She's especially hot on anything that's really heavy on Rubber & Ultra High Heels.
The following is a snapshot of the various manipulations i especially like. I'm sure you'll have your favorites. In a future post i'll show you the originals. In the meantime you can download (for free) your own copy of all from my homepage. 

She describes her favorite images as what would be classed as "Reader's Wives" style. Snap-shots, that glint in the eye, when all the angles fall into place and thinks "wow, wonder what she's thinking?".

Her work is a pure fetish interpretation of a fantasy being.
Others who's photos she likes to manipulate include Katrina Transdoll, CoveredinRubber and Nicci Tristan sadly no longer with us and hope she's resting in peace.
 Did you know that you can find many of my promotional images here

It's lovely being a Muse and hope to furnish her with many more hi res pics to manipulate in the future. You'll occasionally find her on Flickr but has the tendency to remove her self from it from time to time.

Thursday, November 7

TS/TV ICON - Natalie Mars

Natalie Mars is an American transgendered woman who is a porn actress and net nerd with a huge interest in Sc-Fi.
She got into Porn as this is what she wanted to do and began 1st posting content online, then camming and became so popular started creating movies of her own.
Unlike many of her contempories she doesn't have huge fake boobs but looks rather cute with a secretarial style. Wonderful white skin i find appealing to my Gothic style.
nataliemars nataliemars nataliemars nataliem nataliemars
She apparently loves Japanese BDSM with kinky bondage & nose hooks.
Listed on the Internet Movie Database for numerous video titles from 2017 onwards.

Wednesday, November 6


It's difficult to know in which section to classify the notorious RED since she happens to tick virtually all the boxes of what a Fetish Icon should be but having seen some of her recent posts i would classify her as a classy Porn Star but with a fetish twist. This Lady is much too hot!!!
With the perfect figure, tightly laced corset and ultra high heels i'm sure you're cock will be a quivering every time you lay eyes on this beauty.
Even my ex made positive comment of the WOW factor. If you love looking at great movies, wonderful pics and tasteful pornography of a very desirable English Red-head i can't think of a better site to join. The pics shown are ones i particularly like but am sure you will have your favourites too.

Monday, November 4

Archive Images Vol 1

As promised in my last post i bring you a selection of photos from my former Members site  which a great many of you will never have seen before.

The shoot was done some 12 years ago in my apartment in Amsterdam.

My hair was rather long in those days. In fact i was very proud of it.

I doubt very much if you can purchase these boots anymore as i bought them over 20 years ago from the now defunct Little Shoe Box. Fortunately for me i still have them and won't be parting with them anytime soon.

The white stockings were obtained from Denber Rubber. They're rather thick as they're dipped as opposed to glued.   

I still posses this modern white chair, albeit slightly rusted at the base. It's the perfect prop for posing on.

For a dress not too dissimilar to this look no further than Honour by clicking the image below. Currently priced at less than £90 it comes in seven sizes and you can get next day delivery.

Regarding makeup tips as in how i achieve my look you might like to read my Tranny Tips section on my Homepage. If you follow my guide you'll soon have the basics with which to perfect your look. It's not the definitive guide but more what i've learned from experience.

Sunday, November 3

Erika Ridley Blog Introduction

After much debate and discussion i decided to start my blog one more time.

For those who remember i ran this blog in conjunction with my pay site which ran until 2013. The pay site was a huge drain on my time and with little or no reward save for one or two subscribers and to feed my narcissistic self.

Old narcissistic me is long gone as my desire for dressing isn't as great as it once was. Of course i still dress up as you will discover but not with the sole aim of creating content.

My aim now is to continue with the blog and my homepage and to let you the viewer see some of the better images i created over the years for free. As for video, they're available to purchase via Clips for sale and Kinky Clips. The links of which you can find on my home page via the banner below.

The secondary aim to all of this is to share some of my thoughts, suggestions and guides in the form of written and graphical content in categories currently shown on my homepage.

There will be a fair amount of affiliate links to companies and organisations i recommend. If you do decide to purchase anything from my suggestions i'd appreciate you doing so via my links.

The following is a teaser of what to expect in the months ahead.


Pantera otherwise known as Light Fetish . I'm sad to say that she is no longer with us but i'm keeping this page in memory of her

Of interest to me is where she bought her footwear from and these included Fuss-Schuhe, Elite Heels, 6ihf and Gianmarco Lorenzi. Her Latex and Rubber wear came from Fantastic Rubber and Latex Desire. 

Although we never met, we exchanged a few words on Twitter. She said i had a nice style and that she would be keeping an eye on what i'm doing. To get such compliments from the famous Pantera makes it all worthwhile. 

Perhaps her spirit walks with us.