This page is dedicated to those people who i either know, admire or who inspire me to that of the Fetish Heroine you see today.

Known as Light Fetish this fascinating lady is not a model. In fact she prefers not be referred to as a fetish-queen, -princess, high heel goddess. She's a real person with a Fetish for extreme High heels, Latex, Nylons and Corsetry and uses her website to show everyone how she spends her life as a Life Style Fetishist.

Of interest to me is where she buys her footwear from and these include Fuss-Schuhe, Elite Heels, 6ihf and Gianmarco Lorenzi

Her Latex and Rubberwear comes from Fantastic Rubber and Latex Desire.

Oh and before i forget, her website address is www.light-fetish.de 

Lady Sonia began her Modelling career with camera clubs back in the early 80's and quite quickly moved on to professional modelling for magazines etc. Back then it was still rather frowned upon to be a professional "adult" model and the camera clubs had a list of girls who would model so long as things were kept discreet. Being an exhibitionist and really enjoying what she did she modeled for just about all of the fetish and S&M magazines of the time as well as several of the "top shelf" mainstream adult magazines as well. Sonia as you've probably noticed has great legs and was for a short time a "leg model" for Pretty Polly and a couple of other hosiery companies but as she says on her website she was more interested in the adult side and soon turned her back on the mainstream to concentrate on her website www.Lady-Sonia.com
I wish i could say that she was still a classic fetish model but sadly for me and other purists the picture shown is of a by gone era as she is now billed as "Britain's most Unfaithful Wife". But hey if you like that kind of thing go check out her site.

Stella Van Gent has been around for many years yet rarely fails to satisfy my Fetish instincts and i'm sure that i am not alone. 

As well as her famous Red Optics site which is a click away she also appears as the model behind Diva Heels. http://www.diva-heels.com/

She also has a blog http://www.redoptics.com/feed/ which you may view in say Google reader.

Although an Air Hostess by day i'm sure that she would much prefer having you doting boys lavish her with the latex and high heels.

Dita von Teese went from being a muse to couture fashion houses like Jean Paul Gaultier to designing luxury lingerie collections for the likes of Wonderbra and Frederick's of Hollywood to selling out burlesque and striptease shows worldwide, Dita is more than a woman...she's an icon.

Along with her many talents, Dita is famous for being able to tightlace her corsets from a natural waist size of 22" down to 16.5." 

A pin-up model's look isn't complete without a retro-style bra, and how will your fully-fashioned stockings stay up without the right garter belt?   

There are a great many sites dedicated to her but i think that this is the one that epitomizes her the most http://www.dita.net/

There aren't too many Mistresses out there who have been of any inspiration to me at all. In fact most i have ever come across are self centered bitches but maybe that's the appeal to the lowly scum who go visit them.

Mistress Nyx is one of those who i would deem hard to get to know but beneath that steel exterior lies erm well another layer of Steel. Seriously though she a lovely person and know's exactly what to do with the Subs who go visit her.

Convent educated and from my home town of Manchester, England she certainly knows a thing or two about Discipline. I do believe that she's grateful to the Nuns who her taught her the joys of BDSM.

If you'd like to know more about Mistress Nyx why not have a look at her homepage. http://www.mistress-nyx.co.uk/index.html