Sunday, October 7

Luscious in Latex with Ultra High Heels - Update 33 - 07 October 2012

Luscious in Latex with Ultra High Heels 
07 October 2012

Discovered hidden away on an old laptop i found these 
photos a few weeks ago and thought it high time you lot got to see them.

Back in 2004 i took trip to Brussels to meet up with a Rubberist friend 
who when i said can we shoot some pics outside he agreed.

What can i say about this dress except that i love it. Looks great on my 
body don't you think. The latex stockings came from Simon O in Vienna. 
I have a nasty habit of wearing them too much and so eventually they break.

As for the high heels well these are one of my favorites. They're Ultra 
High Heels with a 7 inch high heel. Great to look at, wear and of course
walk in.

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