Thursday, April 19


Finally after many years of planning i am happy to announce the OFFICIAL launch of my MEMBERS ZONE.

Inside you will find 16 Galleries containing some of my most precious photographs. This is just the tip of the Iceberg as i have another 2000 to feed into the site in the months ahead. 

Additionally i also have approximately 15 hours of Video which i am in the process of editing and will upload these at a rate of at least one every 4 weeks.
I also have a number of shoots planned this year including a few Fetish trips we plan on documenting.
All of the photos can be viewed on the site and have given you the option to download every gallery as a zip file. 

Also within the MEMBERS area is a CONTACT tab where you may write to me directly without having to agree to any email terms.
CCBill is the designated E-Ticket Payment gateway for
We accept all major CREDIT CARDS / JCB / DISCOVER / MAESTRO as well BANK Transfer within the EU. 
For my United States based fans i have also given you the option of TELEPHONE billing.
I've kept my prices low to start with. 

Saturday, April 14

Clipshaker - Porn Video Organizer & Player.

Just back from the Pub, Bar or Night out?

Didn't pull that chick? Frustrated and Horny?

Introducing Clipshaker which is the first Video Player and Organizer designed for porn.

Clipshaker allows you to easily watch porn, clip your favourite porn scenes, make playlists of your preferred clips (these are called shakes) and organize everything in a fast and easy manner. You can also watch up to 16 videos at the same time with Clipshaker, this is called parallel viewing.

Clipshaker will revolutionize the way porn is viewed and collected.

Let’s say you have a lot of porn movies on your hard drive and often search for a movie in your folders, open a movie, search and forward to the scene you like, watched it and got to the next movie doing the same thing over and over again and again.

Imagine the frustration of having to spend time to get to the scene you're looking for.

This is not at all enjoyable because it takes too long to get to the next exciting scene that you want to watch.

Does this sound familiar? If it does then this is for you.

Clipshaker is more than just a media player as you can do the following 1. Create a clip of your favourite scene and store it to view later.2. Watch up to 16 Videos at a time3. Create your own timeline or playlist of your favourite scenes as shakes.4. Bookmark and categorize each clip so you can easily find it.

Clipshaker is available in English, French, German and Spanish

You can either purchase it outright as a media player download for EUR29.95 or for a limited time, download a FREE 7 day trial
Clipshaker Video Player & Organizor

Tuesday, April 10

Lady Ana Latex 4 TGirls on The Fetishistas

A very quick message to you all and hope that you enjoyed the Easter break. I personally have had my fill of chocolate eggs and although you can never say enough is enough it's time to start thinking about ones figure and have began stockpilling my eggs to consume at a later date.

The Fetishistas April 2012 edition has just been published and there's a write up about my TGirl Latex range on the Fetishistas. You can read all about it here;sub=132&display=689

Lady Ana Latex for TGirls