Thursday, March 22

David Riley - Lady Ana Comic Strip

 Following on from the days of Wicked Wanda i now bring to you a new kid on the block who is making positive waves with short caricature's of iconic fetishists, beginning with me and Nicci Tristan.
I wonder if Nicci approves of her mouth being taped in such a way. Such a shame as we can't see her pretty face.
David Riley's style is clean yet rather comical. I for one cannot wait to see his next installment.
Lady Ana - I asked David how it all began
David Riley "I think it started late last year with me and Darkwing Zero, I was looking for an artist to collaborate with, for a while, until I came across her, I stumbled across some quite good artwork on the Hyper femmes site that she did, but also, I noticed that she takes on bespoke commission work, it all started from there."
Lady Ana - "Can you tell us something about the characters you draw?"
David Riley - "The characters themselves go back as far as 2002-3 where it started as cartoon doodles, only a few characters were created. Fast forward to today and there are 30-40 individual female characters - humans, aliens, robots or even transsexuals are among all this, showing off future fetish at its best, but nearly half of them show off in a colour coded way (outfits, lips, hair, fingernails and perhaps toenails matching the same colour). So far, there’s a character for magenta/purple, green and blue. There are revamped characters on the way for orange, black and hopefully, yellow."
Lady Ana - "What for the future?"
David Riley - "The artwork prints by Darkwing Zero are for sale on an art gallery site (in $), also, I'm just thinking about a special unique uniform that I could wear if I were at an exhibition, showing off the artwork. I'm thinking whether to go down the fetish or non-fetish route with my art."

Also created by David are pieces of Artwork and aren't they lovely.
If you'd like to commission David for some work i suggest that you make contact with him via his Blog
Last but not least is his tribute to me by way of the Unofficial Lady Ana site which you can find via the banner below.
Thanks David and i'm looking forward to helping showcase yet more of your work in the future.

Thursday, March 1

LADY ANA – The New Latex Clothing Range

LADY ANA – The New Latex Clothing Range brought to you by the iconic TGirl, Erika Ridley otherwise known as Lady Ana. Whilst appealing to other TGirls it will also appeal to the Genetic female as well as boys experimenting with gender.
Latex Rubber clothing as we all know is high maintenance and expensive to buy. The greatest challenge facing girls like us or indeed boys/men wishing to dress in feminine attire is the size issue.
For many years I purchased my Latex (as made to measure) from a little known company in the UK. Alas, Daxine is no more and as I, like many of my sisters cannot justify the cost of made to measure I spent over a year looking for a comparable solution that provided OFF the peg male sizes but with a female cut. I approached a good number of would be partners, most did not reply and the ones that did said there wasn't a big enough market for this sort of thing.
Undeterred I pressed on and last year found a long established Latex Production company in the UK who like me were visionary enough to see the potential in such a market and so the LADY ANA latex label is born.

Starting off with just 4 basic items plus stockings / Gloves / Dressing Aid I bring to you a Quality product, Made in England and with OFF the peg sizes for us TGirls. The reason why I can do this is the thickness of the latex. 0.40mm latex is quite thin and therefore it comfortably stretches across the body up to 4 inches (10cm).

To give you an example, I bought a Black Latex Catsuit from the range in an Extra Small (XS) with no adjustments whatsoever. As you can see, it is a perfect fit.
Being old School and British I still use inches, although the site does have comparable measurements in Centimetres.

Lady Ana measurements
Standard XS Catsuit
35.8 inches
32 to 36 inches
28.5 inches
25 to 29 inches
34 inches
34 to 38 inches

As you can see, my actual hip measurement compares well to the lowest hip size in the range and I used this as the starting point for gauging the correct size.
If you are considering purchasing off me but are unsure of what size is going to be best for you, do drop me a line and I will make suggestions based upon your criteria. Height isn't really an issue but if you prefer shorter or longer arms/legs do let me know before placing the order so I can double check production costs for length changes.

As I am officially launching the range as of TODAY, I am offering (until 1st June 2012) a 20% discount across the range with Coupon code LA001A. You can use this coupon for as many purchases as you wish until the promotion ends. Simply put the code in the checkout area of my website and the 20% discount will be shown prior to being taken to the payment page.

I decided to launch with just 4 items to start with.
1. 3-way front zip catsuit in 0.40mm latex
2. A front busk back laced Corset in a choice of 2 lengths
3. A blouse/shirt with extended sleeves as standard on the Transgender range
4. Knee length Hobble skirt with a short zip at the rear.

All are available in standard colours Black, Red, White & Translucent Smokey Black
Other colours are available on request.  

The FULL range is also available in standard FEMALE sizes. The LADY ANA LATEX shop has therefore been divided into TGIRL & FEMALE sections with size charts created for each garment and gender.

I am also selling Moulded Rubber Stockings & Wrists Gloves in Red and Black which look great with the range.

Having tried and tested every other dressing aid on the market I have managed to secure a regular supply of what I deem to be the best product available for dressing up in Latex clothing.
In fact as I've been using this product for the last 8 years I guarantee you will not want any other product after you've tried this. Being a regular attendee of Fetish Parties I know how important it is for the latex to rest on one’s body at both high and low temperatures. What's more is that it's multi-purpose as it is great for topping up an existing shine on your latex. 

The manufacturers actually sell this stuff as a premium silicone lubricant to keep a Man's weapon well oiled. More information about this product and the rest of the range can be found at

Lady Ana measurements Standard XS Catsuit
Chest 35.8 inches 32 to 36 inches
Waist 28.5 inches 25 to 29 inches
Hips 34 inches 34 to 38 inches