Thursday, March 22

David Riley - Lady Ana Comic Strip

 Following on from the days of Wicked Wanda i now bring to you a new kid on the block who is making positive waves with short caricature's of iconic fetishists, beginning with me and Nicci Tristan.
I wonder if Nicci approves of her mouth being taped in such a way. Such a shame as we can't see her pretty face.
David Riley's style is clean yet rather comical. I for one cannot wait to see his next installment.
Lady Ana - I asked David how it all began
David Riley "I think it started late last year with me and Darkwing Zero, I was looking for an artist to collaborate with, for a while, until I came across her, I stumbled across some quite good artwork on the Hyper femmes site that she did, but also, I noticed that she takes on bespoke commission work, it all started from there."
Lady Ana - "Can you tell us something about the characters you draw?"
David Riley - "The characters themselves go back as far as 2002-3 where it started as cartoon doodles, only a few characters were created. Fast forward to today and there are 30-40 individual female characters - humans, aliens, robots or even transsexuals are among all this, showing off future fetish at its best, but nearly half of them show off in a colour coded way (outfits, lips, hair, fingernails and perhaps toenails matching the same colour). So far, there’s a character for magenta/purple, green and blue. There are revamped characters on the way for orange, black and hopefully, yellow."
Lady Ana - "What for the future?"
David Riley - "The artwork prints by Darkwing Zero are for sale on an art gallery site (in $), also, I'm just thinking about a special unique uniform that I could wear if I were at an exhibition, showing off the artwork. I'm thinking whether to go down the fetish or non-fetish route with my art."

Also created by David are pieces of Artwork and aren't they lovely.
If you'd like to commission David for some work i suggest that you make contact with him via his Blog
Last but not least is his tribute to me by way of the Unofficial Lady Ana site which you can find via the banner below.
Thanks David and i'm looking forward to helping showcase yet more of your work in the future.

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