Monday, January 9

Smoking Fetish

Smoking as we all know is a Taboo subject. Some would deem it as socially unacceptable and bad for you and those around you yet as it still appeals to a great many people.
I know of one guy who bans the posting of ladies smoking on his yahoo groups. Yet many others allow it.
In fact smoking as a fetish is a sexual fetish based on the sight or image of a person smoking. The official name given to this is capnolagnia but otherwise known to the rest of us as Smoking fetishism.
As with many other fetishes, Childhood and our years of developing into adulthood play a big part in what becomes a fetish in adult life. For me it was seeing a stereotypically sweet, innocent woman behaving in ways that are considered taboo. For others it stems from an attraction to more worldly people whose smoking epitomizes their strength and self-confidence. From a gay standpoint the image of smoking is an image of masculinity.
For many viewers of Pornography, Fem Dom and BDSM movies we often see the dominant partner smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke into the face of the submissive or slave. In fact i have 1st hand experience of this in a short movie i made a few years ago when my stage slave was massively turned on when i used his mouth as an ashtray and even used his tongue to extinguish the cigarette. In fact his cock was noticeably larger at the point of putting it out and admit to being mildly aroused that i had this effect upon him.
A recent foray onto (a free to use webcam site) put me in contact with one of the most interesting people i have ever had the good fortune to meet online. A brief chat lead to a skype conversation with Max, the man behind and Invictus Studios Ltd.
When we talk about Cigars we're not talking about the cheaper variations of Castella, La Paz or Hamlet but more the top end range of Cohiba, Monte Cristo, Java Maduro and so on.
Many men enjoy seeing beautiful women smoking. Even in this prohibitive age it's not difficult to enjoy the sight of a sexy female enjoying a cigarette on the street or in a designated smoking area at a bar or workplace. However, those of us with a cigar fetish who are fixated with watching a sexy woman lovingly wrap her lips around the end of a good cigar have a tough time finding such means.  

How many times have you actually seen a woman smoke a cigar in real life? In fact it's rare to see a woman to smoking a cigar in public, so is the place to go for admirers wishing to view glamorous women smoking cigars.
Let’s face it when a woman smokes big cigar it's almost like she sucking on a man’s cock. The bigger the Cigar, the bigger the cock. Step forward and see Ladies such as Kendra James, Lady Lucie, Tandra Day, Christine Carter and many more sucking and slurping for your delectable delight.

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