Friday, December 23

FetMart – The Ebay alternative

FetMart is a brand new “kinky auction and adult marketplace” set up and hosted in Australia where you can buy and sell items that you wouldn’t normally be able to sell on sites like eBay. As a plus, you know that you’re buying and you’re selling to like minded people which can only be good.
The site is pretty easy to use if you’re familiar with other auction sites, as it follows the same set of rules – only that on FetMart, fetish and adult items are the norm.
What’s great about this site is that you can list an item for free –and you only pay when the item sells. I'm sure that will change as it gains popularity.
The help section is quite comprehensive and teaches you all the basics of the site – a great place for beginners and seasoned auctioneers alike.
Do check out FetMart, in case you want to sell some of your old latex outfits or not. You could even land a good deal on a Fucking machine or some sought after item you've been looking for.
The challenge with this site is that most of the items appear to be located in the USA and Australia which could be detrimental when it comes to shipping & import costs.
Also problematic is the search function since it only searches products and not location.
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Fetish Map London Issue 7 2012/13

Now in it's 10th year the London Fetish Map is published once more. Published by PictureRama Publishing, Fetish Map London issue 7 encompasses the whole scene and as well as being informative is the perfect guide for the local as well as the visitor.
With in excess of 200 listings on 12 pages foulding out to 600mm x 420mm, London's Fetish Map is your best guide to this the most decadent of cities in Western Europe. Don't waste time researching what is listed on the internet as it's probably not there. The people at Fetish Map have done all the work for you.
Copies of Fetish Map London can be purchased for just £3.00 (plus p&p) from on-line from and throughout London at selected stores.
Also on offer is issue 2 of the Burlesque Map of London. Priced at £3.00 (plus p&p) you can get both together for £5.00 (plus p&p)
Back issues and Wholesale orders are also available, sadly though if you're looking to start a collection Issue 1 is sold out.
Delve deeper into the Fetish Map online store and you will find rare Body Art magazines to buy. Very much the read of lovers of tattoos and body decoration.
Oh and if you have a fetish business in the capital you can list your company for free.
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Thursday, December 22

High Heels - When times are tough, heels get higher

According to Dr. Trevor Davis (Consumer Product Expert with IBM) in a recession heels go up and stay up as people turn to extreme fashion to forget the troubling times.

The problem now is that the economy has been in a downturn for such a long time that heels are on the way down. Trevor Davis, said "This time, something else is occurring -- maybe a mood of long term austerity is evolving among consumers sparking a need to reduce ostentation in everyday settings."

Looking back to the last 100 years of shoe shopping and fashion trends heel heights surged in the most distinguished recessions in History. Low-heeled (flapper shoes) in the 1920s were replaced with high-heel pumps and platforms in the Great Depression of the 1930s. Platforms were revived during the 1970s oil crisis, reversing the preference for low-heeled sandals in the late 1960s. This is not to assert that ultra high heels have gone. Fortunately not but as the recession has intensified, they are now classified as Glam and Party wear and not necessarily worn for the office or shopping.

An analysis of the last 4 years of social media showed that the accelerating heel height peaked toward the end of 2009 and has since then been tumbling downwards. Let's hope not too far down.

While heels on ladies shoes and boots are still high, the IBM analysis points towards a change. It makes me wonder if shoe manufacturers use this kind of data when deciding styles for the next season.

It would appear that Social Media and posts by high heels fans is used as the reference point for IBM's special analysis software to search many billions of social media posts of individuals discussing shoes. These bloggers aren't classified as shoe experts as they don't work in the shoes industry. But are instead keen shoes fans with enormous followings.

The IBM project illustrates how classy research of social media could be employed by makers in planning future products and for outlets selecting which products to stock.

The analysis results go on and on but if you'd like to know more on the subject do check out

A shame they hadn't checked my site as my heels have always remained ridiculously high and will remain so for 2012 and beyond.
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Wednesday, December 21

Lady Ana Entry Page

Bugatti VeyronImage via Wikipedia
Finally after much messing about i have figured out how to create a decent entry page to my website. Gone is the 3 click entry page asking for you to confirm your date of birth and replaced by a beautiful ENTER button. The current EXIT button points to Bugatti Cars.
Why Bugatti cars i hear you ask? Simple really I really NEED one so is my secondary reference and yours an insight to my dreams and desires. Who knows, i may even add a 2nd and a 3rtd exit button to other such needs and desires like Weismann Cars, a small German manufacturer i came across. Problem is i'll probably need some new outfits if i got one of those.
Weismann RoadsterImage by cosmic_spanner via FlickrOh and the new site is a trifle delayed and reckon that if all goes to plan should be ready by mid January 2012.

Some interesting posts as follows
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PARTY Review - BOUDOIR BIZARRE / 5th November 2011 - Amsterdam

Mistress Veronica and Mistress Jada paddling i...Image via WikipediaNow in it's 6th year Boudoir Bizarre the party and not to be confused with
the Etsy shopping site Boudoir Bizarre held their previous Fetish Party
at a brand new location last month, November 2011. Although what one would
call a party centre with indoor karting and
lasergames the venue and organizers created a wonderful fetish space with
many distinct comfortable locations with connecting corridors adding a
lovely walkabout feel to the event.

The staff were pleasant and Security only there when they needed to be.
Thankfully the days of being criminalized like at airports, with full body
searches seems to have taken a back seat. Locations are beginning to see
Fetishists as they are. Intelligent, reasonably wealthy & with discerning

Lets face it if you regularly attend a Fetish Party you're likely to have
a few outfits for the occasion and whether they're in leather, pvc or even
latex they're not going to be cheap. Oh and if you're considering
purchasing a latex outfit for an event in the future you should keep an
eye on my website as i'm due to launch my own "LADY ANA" range in the
new year aimed at girls like me and of course the real deal.
I don't know what it is about Stage Shows and why the party comes to a
grinding halt as soon as the MC appears on stage. Fortunately this party
features a 2nd room catering to the Alternative Gothic and Industrial scene.
If you have no desire to see some aging hippy or blood soaked demons
cavorting on stage you can head off to the other room to continue your
dancing experience.

I'm looking forward to the day when there is a coordinated musical
introduction to the the stage shows. Perhaps Combichrist's song
"This Shit will F**K you up" could transcend into some Military style
Latex Fashion show with the MC's voice being interspersed with
"I am a bitch, how do you want me" and the stage show ending with some
moisant bint doing something with some insane object and transcending
back into the party with "Shut up and Swallow".

For those who like to chat there are lounges playing ambient Trance
like music with which to quietly exercise your tonsils.
As smoking isn't allowed in the venue itself there is a smoking area
with comfortable seating and enough room to rest your feet on a passing
boot slave.
If BDSM is your thing there's a fully equipped Dungeon area with which to
practice your art. Bring on the Gyno examination.

Bar prices and measures were reasonable but once again we had to endure
the challenge of figuring out how much we would drink as the dreaded
Munten had to be purchased in order to pay for drinks. With a zero
refund policy on unused Munten i question how this can possible aid
customer experience of visiting party goers. Whilst Munten is indeed a
good way for bar staff to be able to work quickly through a busy crowd
how many of us hold a collection of such munten that we have been
unable to exchange for our hard earned cash?

Munten aside i must applaud Mr N and his team for yet another successful
Boudoir as it is known and look forward to the next installment of this
popular cacophony of Fetishism on February 18th 2012.
This event is hugely popular and regularly sells out so to be sure of
your place at the party you are urged to get your ticket early.

For out of town visitors the site links to for
a selection of quality reasonably priced rooming options.
As the party is NOT held in the centre of Amsterdam, much to my annoyance
(8 mins from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Railway Station) a taxi is a very good
But do check the site in case they decide to run a Shuttle Bus.

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Thursday, December 8

BLOG Updates December 2011

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Ann Summers
Party Review Boudour Bizarre

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