Monday, November 14

Lady Ana NEWS & Update

Been a trifle relaxed about the whole blogging thing recently but i thought you might like to know what i've been doing recently.
Well apart from the odd socializing with friends and the occasional Fetish party i've been incredibly busy. Currently gearing up for an online SHOP and a proper MEMBERS AREA.
Boudoir Bizarre Party photos here
I've literally thousands of photos of me dressed as you know me, in latex, high and ultra high heel shoes and boots. Haven't bought any new shoes lately but in order to fund my hobby i'll be offering a Subscription service so you can see all of my many looks.
Please don't think that this is a way of getting my hands on your hard earned cash, as my intention is pump most of the profits back into the site and what i do as a Lifestyle Fetishist. Of course it would be wonderful make a living out of it full time.
I'm looking at offering a discount to current members of around 10% to 15% (Depends how much of a fan you are) to kick start the venture. You not believe the costs involved in this. The payment gateway i will go with charge 14% for every transaction and then there's VAT on top of that. So as you can see, what with all the content i'll be uploading and other costs like hosting i have to give you value for money.
Is between EUR10.00 and; EUR18.00 per month a good price range to aim at? Ok so i'm not as Famous as Lady Sonia (below) but am on the way there.

Regarding the SHOP I've done a deal with a Latex Manufacturer in England, we're talking high end quality at reasonable prices and am will soon be offering 4 Items of clothing in 2 types of size, Genetic Female & Transgendered Female Sizes.
Soon you girls and ladies will be able to wear something i have not only helped design but also wear as part of my wardrobe.
I'm starting with a small range for now but will over time add more outfits. Much depends on my acceptance into the Market and consumer confidence.
Talking of wearing items have you seen my latest Wall Paper for you to save to your desktop? Good Fetish Photographers are either exceptionally talented individuals or complete perverts. They know the look and they know what to do to enhance a photo. Do you like my 7 inch heels? It's not just how the latex feels but it's also how it looks. Genetically i'm not female but if i hadn't said that you might not have known and as for if i'm a man, no i'm both therefore the 3rd gender.

Many strangers ask very personal questions to someone they do not know. I get these kind of questions all the time. In time i will reveal many of my secrets and show you what i do to get my look. I would love to see new Talented TGirl Fetishists coming on the scene but instead all we seem to see is pornography.
I will pray (to my Atheist goddess) that before i leave this planet i will have found a successor.