Tuesday, August 23

"The Ritual" by Christian Louboutin

"The Ritual" by Christian Louboutin
The tradition of drinking champagne from a woman's shoe began in the 1880s in France. Piper Heidsieck revived this tradition in 2009 with Le Rituel collaboration with shoemaker Christian Louboutin. The set includes a bottle of champagne and a red-soled Louboutin glass stiletto.
A champagne flute of Piper-Heidsieck champagne. Imagine if you will to drink a glass slipper made by "Louboutin" high heels.

This set is called "The Ritual". It was made for the Piper-Heidsieck brand of Champagne

Here's a short video portraying the shoe rather well.

Sunday, August 21

Tuesday, August 9

Ultra High Heel Boots - A review.

Sometime ago i created a wishlist via amazon but i wonder how many people have ever looked at it. Ok, so it's all about me and what i want but i'm sure there's something in there for you.

Since i have a bit of a High Heels fixation i think i'll just mention what i discovered with regards to footwear, but do note that we are talking quality Ultra High High Heels and what is available for sale in online shoe shops.
I found some classic boots from Fabulously Fetish with 6 inch heels and like all footwear from this manufacturer they are available in Leather, Patent and Suede in the usual black red and white plus Beige, Brown and Purple. Sizes range from UK3 to 12. Priced at a very reasonable GBP220.00

Skyscrapers from the UK is another online shoe shop who sell some amazingly good products at very reasonable prices. I should know as i've already bought some myself. Although i already have a pair of the Z7 knee high boots in Black, my next purchase will be a pair just like these in a Red patent. Priced at only GBP130.00

Italian Heels sells only the finest Italian high heels footwear. Each model is manufactured by hand by Master Italian shoe makers. Raw materials are chosen with great care utilizing uppers and linings in the best leather and hides which are hand-sewn over refined spike heels.
This company sells exclusively via the Internet on their online shoe shop portal which means they can offer us high-quality merchandise at prices very much lower than those found in conventional stores. Sizes range from EUR32 to 46 and in a plethora of colour ranges.

The boot below is available in no less than 60 colour choices and promoted as a classic mistress thigh-high boot in quality calf leather with red nappa leather lining, covered zipper and 15cm (6inch) spiked heel. Surely a must purchase item at EUR275.55 plus VAT.

The banner below will take you to The Italian Heels shop.
http://www.italianheels.com - Italian craftsmanship high heels stiletto fetish shoes: pumps mules slippers sandals boots platforms and much more...
The next item of footwear is from Fernando Berlin and entitled Model no.110 available in Sizes EUR36 to 47 and in Soft Black genuine Leather. Unfortunately no other colours are available yet. The heel, although it looks higher, it's only 12cm.
I must say that the style of these boots are very appealing as the leather looks flexible enough to adjust to the leg and to shape the leg into the form of the boot. Ladies, these are a must if you want the wrong attention. The zipper runs the entire length of the boot and looks easy to get in and out of. Priced at between EUR290 and EUR340 depending on whether you wish to buy off the peg or with a customization. I should point out that they closed their physical shoe shop in favour of concentratiing on on-line shoe sales. http://www.fernandoberlinboots.com

Not featured in my wishlist are these boots from Fuss-Schuhe.de the reason being that i already posses a pair. Priced at between EUR249.99 & EUR259.99 the heel height ranges from 14cm in a size 34 to a staggering 17.5cm in a 46. My pair are size 41 with a pleasurable 16cm heel. But i must point out that whilst they're great to look at and ever so comfortable to wear i don't get a great deal of satisfaction of walking in them. Something about the arch that isn't quite right.

There's a whole load more extreme heels out there and one thing i can guarantee is that when i find something nice to write about you'll find it here on my blog.
Right now i'm working on a review section of selected retailers and manufacturers of Fetish related products. If you have any comments you wish to make or offer feedback please do so via email to me at erika@ladyanamorphic.com

Friday, August 5

Ernest Footwear - High Heel Specialists Paris, France

ERNEST Shoemaker of Paris and on the worldwide have been trading since 1904 and boast probably one of the most interesting collection of ladies footwear in France and for that matter the world at large. How many shoe shops do you know that only sell shoes and direct accessories such as Handbags? Most such companies diversify into additional items such as jewelery, hosiery and corsetry yet Ernest remain as High heel specialists.

They run not one but three divisions. The first is their shop located at 75,
boulevard de Clichy - 75009, Paris and open since 2007.
Tel: 01 45 26 97 20 - Fax: 01 42 85 48 13
Closed from 14 to 22 August 2011 for the French Holidays.

In the shop and online you may purchase the ERNEST Book published for its
centenary, featuring their sexiest models and tracing 100 years of high
heels, from 1904 to 2004
Entitled "Dizziness and Variations - High Heels".
With over 200 color photographs and many more in black and white we are
guided through the history of Ernest with never seen before material
including photographs and old catalogs
Book format is Format: 17 x 22.50cm, 196 Pages with text in French and
English. Surely a must for anyone seriously interested in High Heels. Priced at a mere EUR36.00 but until 31st August you can get this with
a 30% discount.

The second area is their Online shoe shop "Ernest Chausseur" to be found
at http://www.ernest-chausseur.com/ where they showcase the current
collection as Nouvelle collection ERNESTPrintemps Été 2011 translated as
New Collection Summer 2011 ERNESTPrintemps.
Footwear within this collection promoted in French with specific details
given in English. The range is diverse and offers heel heights from 9cm
to over 16cm in all shoe types from Mules to sandals, Ankle boots to
Thigh Boots and Court shoes (known as pumps) including covered toe, open
toe and various heel and sole colours and materials.

The third area is their Promotion or Sale area where they sell items not
in the current collection. The name of this site is known as Ernest
Collector at http://www.ernest-collector.com
Here they offer footwear sizes 34 to 46. I'm not sure what percentage of
their High Heels are purchased by men per-say but given the fact that the
French are advocates of dressing for the occasion i would imagine that
sales are split 50/50. I feel another survey coming on.

Being an advocate of you get what you pay for, their prices are not that
expensive, especially when you consider the quality of the materials used,
the craftsmanship of the product and the knowledge that this company know
what they are talking about.

Wednesday, August 3

Supplier of the Month - August 2011 - Secrets in Lace

Secrets in Lace located in the USA is now available online and therefore available to the world via the world wide web bringing us such burlesque items as Nylon Stockings, Bullet Bras and Retro Lingerie. They've not one but seven different sections which will undoubtedly appeal to all whether it be Bullet Bra's, Fully Fashioned Stockings, Corsetry, Garter Belts, shoes and so much more. 

But what i love so much is that they have a Dita Von Tease collection in their leg salon. Being a bit of a cynic i wonder if Dita actually buys the stockings that she apparently wears or if she wears them purely because they were given to her. Whatever the answer i am sure that you will agree with me that she looks absolutely stunning in them.

Everyone who knows me know and who reads my blogs knows that i have a bit of a fixation for High heels. Unfortunately Secrets in Lace doesn't yet appeal to my tastes in footwear but am sure in time they will raise the heel height in keeping with their perfectly styled garments and accessories.

I could write for hours about this company and the quality products that they sell but i think they are best represented by you and seeing for yourself.

Ladyanamorphic - New Blog

I finally got my new blog online which can be found via my website at http://www.ladyanamorphic.com/index.php/blog.html
I used a wonderful Blogging tool from a company called Stackideas and have chosen EasyBlog Pro. https://www.plimus.com/ 
As i'm still getting to grips with it and having some challenges with the RSS feed the two blogs will run side by side.

Tuesday, August 2

Electronic Reading - Fetish Books

I have to admit to being a little sceptical about electronic reading books like the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and the Samsung Galaxy Tab and whether they are a replacement for a paperback book, comic or newspaper. My preference is to have an actual book by my bed or a magazine on the coffee table or a newspaper in my bag to read on an aeroplane. 

But then again maybe it should not be seen as a replacement but more an alternative and additional way to read media. So rather than carry a book on the daily commute to work a kindle could be the answer. 
myPadMedia is the internet's latest unlimited eBook downloading membership site. They allow their members to access thousands of eBooks, comic books, and newspapers and download them straight to their electronic reading book of choice. Although designed for reading with the iPad you can of course view in any reading book without having to pay a cent or penny for downloads!

All eBooks are popular well-known books which are selling in your local bookstore or on the iTunes iBookstore.
Inside the member's area, you will be able to download thousands of digital books, newspapers and comic books which can be read on your chosen device. They have over 30,000+ titles available for you to download!

The cost of this is a mere EUR43.85 inc VAT or equivalent in your currency

Skin Two - New Clothing store


The wonderful people at Skin Two have just launched their brand new Online 
Clothing store and to help celebrate the launch of their new site, they're 
giving everyone who subscribes to their newsletter a super discount. 
Just enter "skintwolaunch" into the voucher code box during checkout.
Offer Ends Sunday 7th September 2011

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish Girls