Thursday, May 26

HighOnHeels - Fetish site

Hi Gang
Browsing the latest news i came across this very interesting High Heel Fetish website. Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA and run by the famous Elis Berg it makes a pleasant change to see a site like mine where pornography isn't the sole selling point. Of course they do have some topless photos but i guess that has something to do with what they consider to be a high heel fetish.
Models on site include Rubber Doll & Kendra James. Elis points out on interview with Fixe Magazine that she would love to shoot German models like Stella Van Gent & Heike the Fetish Queen.
Hey, what about me? 
You can find them here

Thursday, May 19

NEW Ladyanamorphic SITE

Finally after many years of saying i'm going to create a new site i have finally achieved what i set out to do.
Ok, so i know that it's not perfect and i've a way to go to make it much better but it's a lot more user friendly.

On site i've created
1. Link to my BLOG
2. BIO Page
4. VIDEO link to You Tube
6. SERVICES - Things i offer for a fee.
7. LOGIN area where you can gain free membership to certain areas and content  that i will give a way.
9. Email option

Grateful for any input or advice anyone can give.

Erika xxx

Saturday, May 7

The Perfect Ensemble

Came across this photo the other day and was amazed at her ensemble, ok so it's in leather and not Latex but it's simply stunning. 

Does anyone have any information as to who she is, does she have a website? Reason for asking is i need a similar outfit for myself.

Coming soon, my new website which i've been building using Joomla CMS. Not the easiest software to work with but i think you'll like what i've managed to create.