Saturday, April 16

The Art of Gernot

Last night 15th April saw the opening of Gernot's very first Art Expo at GO Gallery, Prinsengracht 64, Amsterdam. The Expo runs until 1st May and the gallery is open Wed-Sat 1200-1800 and Sun 1300-1700.

I managed to grab a few words with Gernot on a smoke break outside the expo, when asked was he going to Wasteland he said he hadn't thought about it but now that it had been mentioned maybe he would. Odd considering the flyer for the expo billed the event as "The Official Opening of Wasteland Party Weekend" What's even stranger is that the flyer talks about the expo being the official launch of his book "The Art of Gernot" published by Marquis Edition yet the Gallery failed to negotiate a commission for selling the book. I would have thought it would have made perfect business sense to have had a table set aside where the the Artist could sit and sign his first publication for those who wanted it. Although a few of my friends were able to get the pervy mits on a copy and had Gernot scribble a few words.

Talking of Wasteland, i'm afraid it isn't what it was. It used to be the event of the year where creatures of the night gathered to exhibit their own peculiar style. Nowadays it's backstage where you may find such people as they prepare to perform for the good time folk who can afford not to spend a fortune on fetish outfits that the rest of us have come to expect from such an event.
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