Monday, March 7

Looking forward to warmer weather.

Had a wonderful weekend.

Saw the last 2 Goth bands Saturday night, Copious amounts of absinthe and vodka. No apologies for my behavior but i somehow managed to spill absinthe on my hand. Sticky stuff. Then home to dress up. Most people would have gone to bed but in the end stayed up until Sunday night. Must have been something in the water....hehehehe.

3 or 4 outfit changes, most of my high heels, lots of pics and some video. I know some will be really bad but some will be good. Posted a few here and there, tagged i think.

So really hard getting into the week. Fortunately it's very quiet and have nothing majorly pressing.

Discovered an old pair of Murray & Vern black leggings, lovely thin latex which feels great on. Had them on for a good 12 hours yesterday but not before i removed the zip, stuck them back together again, cut a slit under my crotch for ease of access and the rest is history, as they say.

Am looking out for a fucking machine. We discussed it and think we'll both use it. We like the eXtreme plow but had to end with the following comment from a user who bought this machine.......

........This maching is awesome!! I lubed up the 9 inch long, and very thick dildo, and started to let it fuck me from behind. It felt so real in my pussy that I didn't want to stop, ever!! Then, one night, I was feeling romantic because of a storm outside, so I decided to give myself a good fucking! I lubed up the machine, and I was already wet so no need to lube me! It started out slow, like always, and I turned the control up all the way. Just as I started to cum the first time, I moved a bit too far away. At the same time, lightening struck the utility pole outside of my house, and a power surge hit the machine! The fucking thing would not shut off, and the surge made the engine get so powerful, that it picked me up, and started to shake me like a fucking rag doll! It threw me back and forth through the air like a man trying to shake snot off of his hand, and ended up pushing my head through the closet door! The damn thing had slipped out of my pussy, and nailed me in the ass dry, and I was stuck with my head in the closet door, unable to reach the controller! By the time the firemen got their, my asshole was large enough to pass a watermelon through!! I filed a sodomy report against the machine, and I am now waiting for it to go to trial! I haven't been able to shit for six months now, but what an adventure!!! I recommend that everyone buy one of these! As handy as the toaster in my house!!
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