Wednesday, December 21

Lady Ana Entry Page

Bugatti VeyronImage via Wikipedia
Finally after much messing about i have figured out how to create a decent entry page to my website. Gone is the 3 click entry page asking for you to confirm your date of birth and replaced by a beautiful ENTER button. The current EXIT button points to Bugatti Cars.
Why Bugatti cars i hear you ask? Simple really I really NEED one so is my secondary reference and yours an insight to my dreams and desires. Who knows, i may even add a 2nd and a 3rtd exit button to other such needs and desires like Weismann Cars, a small German manufacturer i came across. Problem is i'll probably need some new outfits if i got one of those.
Weismann RoadsterImage by cosmic_spanner via FlickrOh and the new site is a trifle delayed and reckon that if all goes to plan should be ready by mid January 2012.

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