Saturday, October 22

Not average Adult toys - Made in Holland

Ever on the lookout for interesting companies selling unusual products i came across a most amazing Dutch company specializing in affordable Glass Dildos, Sex Machines and Power tools. We are of course not talking jigsaw or rivet gun but with names like Mr Twister, Machine Gun and Pleasure Sofa there's sure to be something to appeal to the pervert in all of us.
How about getting fit whilst receiving satisfaction with your very own Exercise bicycle. Click the images for a closer look and of course make a purchase if you would since i too desire satisfaction in the robotic form. Just think ladies and in this day of age Guys and us Chix no more time of the month or "I've got a headache" issues to deal with. Just plug it in amd away you go......happy days.
Exercise Bike Monster Cock
Then how about a chair or even a sofa for multi-pleasure.
Pleasure Chair (Red Cardinal)Pleasure Sofa
For the DIY practitioner how about Mr Twister as a complete kit?
Mr. Twister Complete Kit
They've add on Educational items as DVD's
Sexmachines DVD volume 1Wild Fucktoys 5
Accessories, dildos and Bed Buddies
Dildo DoublerBlow Job KitDJ 6
Glass Dildos, which i must admit feel fantastic in your ass. Try their lube, it's designed for GLASS!!
Quadruple ScoopDichroic Wrapped Mini RocketGlass Orgasm Lubricant

Lady Ana SheMale Pin Up Model

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