Friday, June 10


Based Goodness knows where. The Exotic International Dominatrix of print, stage and screen. 

MISTRESS SABRINA BLAZE is movie star radiant; with red hair beautifully en-swathed in black leather, shiny figure hugging latex & the most gorgeous high heels. This transgendered 'new woman' takes delight in advanced adult roleplay and discipline therapies. She proclaims "it is our right as individuals to "workshop" the paradox of limited human freedom while re evaluating the patriarchal conditioning processes of the assumed gender stereotype." She gives a fortunate few the permission to project their deepest submissive fantasies in a safe and sane controlled adult environment. 
Ms Sabrina Blazes successfull journey is attested to by her growing international clientelle.  

I first came in contact with this delectable creature way back. Her photos haven't really changed much over the years, am therefore presuming she's gone into retirement. 

If Sabrina is reading this perhaps she could enlighten us as to her current status as we'd all love to see her
shine once more. 

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