Thursday, June 9

Farewell De Kade - Boudoir Bizarre 2nd July 2011 - near Amsterdam

Over the last six years Boudoir Bizarre has earned a place in the Dutch Fetish scene for being a true and genuine Fetish party. A distinct difference with the growing number of Kinky Dance Parties popping up all over the place, or the Mega events that are too crowded, or mainstream to actually enjoy the real Fetish Experience. Boudoir Bizarre has re captured the old atmosphere that used to be the standard in the early nineties.

The 2nd July 2011 edition is however not going to be the same as all the previous ones.

Once again we are sad to see one of the most lovable venues close their doors. As we still remember the good old "Waakzaamheid", (RIP). Now we look back on two years of pervy party fun in "De Kade". They are going to move and we hope to move right along with them. But we cannot say for sure at this moment  Details of the new venue are still in progress and will depend on the government, (yeah I know, whooptydoo, they love us... not), so we will wait and see. Says Nico the organizer.

For now however... they invite you to come and bid a Fond Fetish Farewell to De Kade, dressed in your best, to tear the roof off and party the house down. See for the Line up, shows and treats they have ready for you and as usual... Whether you want to dance, lounge, show off, emerge yourself in darkness, explore in the twilight, or get on your knees to ask for forgiveness in the spotlights, they have the party to do it.

At Boudoir Bizarre everybody is a V.I.P. So dress like one, Act like one,
And they will treat you like one !!!

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