Tuesday, June 29

Round One... Boudoir Bizarre !!! FULL STORY

Well, Boudoir Bizarre been to court and so far they have a ruling in their favor. In simple terms the verdict is that the city of Zaandstad has not been able to prove that Boudoir Bizarre is a Pornographic event, nor have they been able to convince the Judge, we, (Fetishists , Kinky Crowd and alike) are a menace to society. And justly so. But this is just round one... The real battle is yet to begin !!!

Boudoir Bizarre, has been around now for 5 years, without any problems what so ever. Three locations, of which two in the middle of densely populated areas and never has there been so much as "strong language" between the Fetish and Kinky clad visitors of Boudoir Bizarre and the "regular" bar hopping crowd of neighboring cafes, or residents of neighboring houses. On the contrary. And this goes for most of the other Fetish and Kinky events as well. In general Fetish and Kinky events are safer than the regular events due to a close scrutiny of the visitors and the discretion most of these parties offer their public. Where else can you walk around in sexy outfits, (male, female and in between) or almost naked, without being harassed? Only at the Fetish and Kinky events. And the few feet from car to door never posed a problem to anyone except the civil servants of Zaanstad, who weren't actually there.

Never have people contracted scary diseases at Boudoir Bizarre, nor have they ever been taken ill by an overdose of PVC and Latex. Sure, people get naughty and frisky, but please don't tell us it's because of the dresscode. People get naughty and frisky everywhere. Sure the shows on stage are erotic and exciting, but never has a visitor been invited to jump the performers, or visa versa. No, the city is not only completely wrong in there assessment of Modern Day Nightlife, they unjustly put the blame solely on us Fetishists and Kinky crowd. Nowadays a great number of regular disco's and clubs feature poledancers, lapdancers. striptease, gogodancers, candygirls, (and the list goes on), as regular entertainment, often with interaction with the visitors of the clubs. And so far, nobody got hurt because of this. But again, we as Fetishists and Kinky Party visitors are being targeted. Why? I guess we are easy to recognize.

Boudoir Bizarre have won the right to have their party on the 3rd of July, but the fight is only just beginning. For anyone interested, the rules by the City of Zaanstad can be viewed here: http://www.boudoir-bizarre.nl/Gem_Besl_seks_in_de_disco.pdf. (Unfortunately it's only in Dutch).

But anybody that wants to speak their mind, (in any language you like) can now do so at our new guestbook here:

Feel free to ventilate, but keep your comments on a civil level, name calling and abuse are not helpful. This guestbook is meant to show the somewhat narrow minded civil servants of Zaanstad that they are dealing with real people. Not just a pieces of paper and that their decisions, (good or bad) have an effect on a lot of people. So all we want is a fair deal and not be the victim of some frustrated, power hungry bureaucrat who finds his, or her kicks only in spoiling other peoples good time.

Boudoir Bizarre also see the need for rules and regulations. But these rules should be drawn up with the help of people who know the scene. Not by people who never leave their desk and get most of their info from their paranoid imagination. We understand the need for hygiene, info about STD's, protection of youngsters and public safety. We always encourage our visitors to use common sense above all else. But we refuse to be forced into the porn, or sexclub scene where we do not belong and by rules that completely miss their intention. Sure we visit sexclubs, sure we watch porn, (most people do), but if we choose to go to a Fetish, or Kinky party then that is what we want. Really, it's not nearly the same. So we refuse to obey rules written by people with no understanding of the issues involved. We also refuse to accept rules that are solely written to conveniently prohibit everything, because the City of Zaanstad doesn't want to pay the needed time, or attention to us and doesn't find it interesting enough to make an effort.

So, the fight will continue. But for now... Join us on the 3rd of July and show the city we can have a Fetish event without the paranoid scenarios the city claims will occur. Let's show them we can have a Fetish event without being a danger to society and corrupting little kids, or contract every VD known to men. Let's show them we are like minded people who will not be forced into the Sex clubs and porno industry, nor will we be ignored the right to express ourselves.

Anybody buying a ticket and joining us on July 3rd will receive a free "Fight the System" Cocktail and a ONE months free membership to becollared.nl, one of the finest international Fetish and BDSM dating sites. (13 Euros value right there).

Friday, June 25

Boudoir Bizarre 1 - Zaandam City Council 0

Hot off the press is the news that Boudoir Bizarre have won the first court case between them and the Zaandam city council therefore Boudoir Bizarre 3rd July will go ahead as planned.
Fearing that fetish parties could soon be outlawed i urge all fetishists to support what parties we have by attending the next event and thereby giving your support to this and future events of this genre.
More on this story as it develops but if you'd like more information on this party and where you can obtain a ticket have a look at  http://www.boudoir-bizarre.nl/

Don't forget to get a latex outfit in time for the next and future parties. Note that Westward Bound regularly give 20% discounts on their clothing range. Watch out for special deals.


7 inch Pumps on ebay

Being an ardent fetishist with a passion for the highest most extreme heels i thought you'd like to see an Ebay seller listing for 7" stiletto pumps/shoes.

They've got a few pairs of Ultra Sexy Custom Made Black & Red Patent Leather Court Shoes with Tanned Soles in UK 8, 9 and 10 (EU 41, 42 and 43) with a sexy full 7" (17.5cm) heel. These shoes are Tanned leather lined and a very beautiful hand crafted sexy shoe handmade by Leatherworks of London and of real patent leather & not cheap imitation pvc.
So if you are looking for handcrafted very high quality footwear then look no further with an amazing price to match. These are brand new never worn still in the original box.
If you're interested in buying new check out the original skyscrapers site at http://www.sky-scrapers.com/

Monday, June 21

Banashoes are selling Leggings

I just saw on the http://www.bananashoes.com/ website that they're selling leggings and a range to suit all tastes and budgets. The great thing about leggings is that they can be worn with boots, so if you're into Gothic dressing like i am you'll love what you can do with these styles.

The pair shown to the right have that effect to widen the look of your leg which is perfect for girls like me with skinny legs. Note that they also sell wigs as well as a huge range of shoes & boots.

Pervy Cruise on the River Thames (London, UK) Saturday 26th June

What could be better on a Summer Saturday night than to cruise down the river Thames with a load of pervs. The legendary Boat Party has been going since 1984 and it’s something no fetish person with a sense of fun should miss.

London is lovely from the river. The lights, the London Eye, St Pauls, The Houses of Parliament, City Hall, Tower Bridge - what better place to enjoy your favourite fantasies? There is dungeon equipment to play with, there’s music, a bar, canap├ęs served by attentive maids...  and you can do SM with your lover while cruising right through the heart of one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world on a glorious summer night. You can get six of the best going under Tower Bridge.

The boat sets sail from St Katherine’s Pier, at 9pm. (North downriver side of Tower Bridge.) You will cruise past HMS Belfast, under Tower Bridge, past Canary Wharf and the Dome towards the Barrier, then upriver, perhaps as far as Putney, before turning for home. Docking at 2am.

Tickets are £25 each in advance from Zeitgeist, in Holloway Road. You can also buy tickets online at www.joannalark.com

You can get your tickets on the night, but it is slightly more expensive, so do buy in advance if you can. (They have to pay for the boat in advance, so it helps if you can.)

Can you think of anything more fun on a Summer’s night in London? The organisers are The Firm, who have been running good-humoured pervy parties for years and a very good job they do.


Tel:  +44 (0)7905 526409

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish Girls

Fight the system and WIN becollared.nl membership

Fight the System, Get your Latex out...!!!

Most people probably heard by now that the city of Zaandam in The Netherlands wants to regulate and restrict our beloved Fetish Parties. They made up a series of rules to this end and for starters they focused their attention on Boudoir Bizarre. After banning "Prikkelgeil" they're next. At least, that's what they thought. Cause they, (Boudoir Bizarre and De Kade Venue) are not bending over to take this up the... Well, you get the drift. So they're putting up a fight. And their case will be heard by the Judge on the 22nd of June.

They feel that Fetish parties, whether they include Fetish performances, or even explicit sexual acts should be possible and not just for sex clubs. Anybody who has ever been to a Sex club and has ever been to Fetish events will clearly see a difference. A difference in concept, a difference in crowd, and the sheer number of people attending. All of these make it virtually impossible to organize a Fetish Party in a sex club, (OK, I know one exception, but that's all, nationwide in Holland).

Not only will the city take a look at who's next, they also claim that this policy if proven successful, (read; closing us down) will be adopted by all other major cities in the Netherlands. This means that 99% of all the parties would become illegal. There are a few exceptions, but who's to say for how long.

So, let's prevent their party biting the big one. Come join us the 3rd of July and show the city we can have a Fetish event without the paranoid scenarios the city claims will occur. Let's show them we can have a Fetish event without being a danger to society and corrupting little kids. Let's show them we are like minded people who will not be forced into the Sex clubs and porno industry. We are Fetishistists and we want to express this amongst our own by partying, dancing, lounging and playing.

Anybody buying a ticket and joining us on July 3rd will receive a free "Fight the System" Cocktail and a ONE months free membership to becollared.nl, one of the finest international Fetish and BDSM dating sites.
(vouchers on show of ticket at the register).

Monday, June 14

Dutch Fetish Parties - Boudoir Bizarre update

This just in from the organizers of Boudoir Bizarre
Just to get the facts straight...

Boudoir Bizarre XIII, July 3rd 2010 will be on, as planned. The city council however is trying to ban Boudoir Bizarre and other Fetish parties from within their city limits. De Kade and Boudoir Bizarre will fight and resist this policy with all means available en the first legal action against the city is already well underway. We, (and our legal team) have full confidence that these efforts by the citycouncil will fall on deaf ears with the courts, therefor we can assure you...

Without changing the format in any way.

So, Support your and our right to Party... In any Venue... In Zaanstad and beyond!
Spread the word and bring all your friends.

Tickets are as usual available through our website and at the regular presale addresses.
End Quote

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish Girls

Friday, June 11

Boudoir Bizarre - NOT cancelled

As you might have heard in the Dutch Press the city council of Zaanstad is trying to ban the famous Boudoir Bizarre Fetish Party from their city because in the city councils words they're pornographic.

The rumour mill has of late been working overtime with negative comment about this particular event saying that the party has been cancelled, when i am assured from a very reliable source that the party is most definitely going ahead as planned.

Apparently the council sent a spy to the last event and noted that he/she saw a few bare breasts, some bondage and someone outside wearing a kinky costume. These 3 observations are apparently enough for them to label the event as being pornographic and so unlawful in the city of Zaanstad. According to the local laws such events cannot take place at a location within a 200 metre radius of any other bar or restaurant. This on pain of a EUR15,000.00 fine per event.

Did anyone see the spy or did he/she come in disguise? I wonder what they wore? Anyone?

Since the venue De Kade are very much behind the organizers they together with the Organizer are taking the city council to court over the issue. It's highly likely they will win and receive a stay of execution. But as The Netherlands is one of the most bureaucratic nations in the Western Hemisphere it won't be long before ALL fetish parties are banned. So whether you favour Dominatrix, Wasteland, Bitch or even Boudoir Bizarre it may not be that long before the fetish scene is forced underground and into the privacy of a secret location.

I personally welcome this as it's going to make Fetish less accessible to the hoi polloi, but what about you? What are your thoughts on this? What should we do as citizens to rectify this intolerable situation of our basic civil liberties?

More on this story as it develops but if you'd like more information on this party and where you can obtain a ticket have a look at the banner below and http://www.boudoir-bizarre.nl/

Gender explained

I am prompted to write this following a party i attended some weeks ago. The event in question was the Dominatrix http://www.dominatrix.nl/ party in Haarlem (just outside Amsterdam) organized by the famous Brigitte More http://www.brigitte-more.nl/ when i was introduced to a young lady who although not 100% English asked me in a lovely British accent a few questions about gender and in particularly mine.

Rather than bore everyone with what was said i'm merely going to write it as i see it and whether you my friends, faithful fans and admirers judge me for it i really do not care.

Androgyny: The Opposites Within (Jung on the Hudson Book Series)In life there are 2 specific genders as in male & female. On top of that there are various splits of what could be termed Gender-fuck, gender-queer, gender-illusion and so on. Then there are Transsexuals who want/need to be female & Transvestites who just like to dress up in their opposing gender. Of course there are many permutations of this but what i'm getting to is my specific gender which is actually none of the above for i am neither Male nor Female in the true sense of the word. You're probably thinking what on earth is this chick smoking. Although i live in Amsterdam and have access to soft drugs like weed etc i actually abhor the stuff and am rather intolerant to people who regularly use the stuff.
So what am i? Think Grace Jones, Hanson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Prince (to name but a few) and you have but a few examples of the kind of person i am. The word androgynous pretty much sums up my gender and i'm extremely happy to have found a label for myself albeit not one that many people know about.

For a more concise meaning of Androgyny have a look at wikipedia on the following link and you may begin (if you wish) to understand me a little more. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Androgyny