Tuesday, May 18

Want latex? Need Latex?

If you're after a new latex Catsuit per-say, head on over to Westward Bound as they have yet another SALE. This time it's for latex catsuits and a whole 20% discount. See link below. Discount Voucher is MAY020


One for the Tight Laced fans

I polished mine up and wear it lots hence the super shine and the luscious fit.
Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish Girls

Monday, May 17

New Lines at Bananashoes

Remembering the days when Bananashoes stocked hand made 7 inch high heeled pumps i constantly check the site to see what's new and can bring you upto date with some very nice looking lines.

The new footwear styles are by USA based Michael Antonio & Mona Mia, they also have a line of wigs for anyone that may be interest.
Also shown here are some lovely new styles by ANC Designs.

Meeting people - Obscene Fetish Party

Leaning across the bar i said to this creature. "That's a lovely outfit, simple yet suits you perfectly" but to cut a long story short she said "i recognize that accent" "where are you from?"
Seemingly we both hail from Manchester, she from Oldham and me from Stretford, as my last place of abode. There's something about Stretford (when you know it) that it's not the nicest of places. But nor is Oldham. Both are steeped in Northern mill town and industrial history hence a very good reason why we both live here in Amsterdam. Names names names, damn i forget hers and her husband's but i hope that they read this and we meet for coffee soon.

The event i attended was an intimate Fetish party called the Obscene theatre, http://www.obsceneparty.nl Not much in the way of theatricals but made so much the better by the lovely people you meet. Tanya was another such chick i spoke with, friend of Raymondo my South American friend. He keeps getting taller but i think that's down to the platform boots he wears; not unlike those buffalo boots reminiscent of the 90's. Party pics coming soon.  I've just realized though that i wore the same dress as i did for a previous Obscene party but one thing i love about Obscene is that the photographers do actually take photo's of everyone who made an effort. This is sadly not the case of the photographers at a few other parties, the 2 in question come out of the Boudoir Bizarre & Club Midnight stable's. Funny how they're run by the same person.

WestwardboundAs my girlfriend decided to stay home this weekend i was accompanied by Daphne de Jong my Dutch Tranny friend. She wore a very lovely black and purple latex catsuit from an unknown manufacturer on ebay. It probably came out of China but from what i've seen of chinese latex the build quality is reasonable but is made in such a way that the garments fit standard bodies. Daphne as you can imagine has a standard body, whereas mine is long. For really good standard body fit i can recommend Westward bound. In fact i got this red top from them.

Looking forward to next weekend and the Dominatrix party in Haarlem http://www.dominatrix.nl/ 
Should be an enjoyable evening if everyone turns up. My new photographer, Fritz Rubbered is coming along too so maybe we'll have an impromptu shoot at some point.

Long overdue pics

So here we are, getting settled into a brand new week and here's some pics from me to you. Which do you prefer? The thigh boots or the knee boots?

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish Girls

Tuesday, May 11

Fetish or not Fetish....that was the question

I put it to Alexandra Potter in a short email interview to answer a few questions about her recent Youtube movie release and work related to Raymond Kerrin Larum and her forthcoming site ballet-heels.com.
Do You Come Here Often?
Some of my questions were as follows.
1. Did the wearing and walking around in ballet heels come naturally to you?
2. Do you wear high heels on a daily basis?
3. What is the highest heel you wear?
4. Are there any models that you particularly admire?
5. We all have a wishlist (i know i do) of items of clothing and footwear that we yearn for. Do you have such a list? If so would you share it with us?
6. I read on your website that you're not a Fetish Model but consider yourself to be a HighStyle Model. Could you explain in one sentence what you mean by that and why you chose this description for yourself?

Rather than answering the email with some answers to some questions of a nature that would be of interest to everyone all she would say is that she's not a fetish model and left it at that.

Passion, Gone but not forgotten.

I read that the website http://passion.co.uk/ is for sale. 
The site in question featured a somewhat diminutive lady wearing such outfits that can only be described as having a fetish influence. 

If you were to click on the link to the site you would read "This domain is for sale! Please email serious offers of $25,000 and up to offers@passion.co.uk"

Word on the street is that she's retired but i would imagine that it was a money making exercise until she found something better to do.

Monday, May 10

Even Bad publicity is good publicity

YouTube For DummiesJust received my second violation warning on YouTube saying that Voyeurs Delight has been disabled for violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines:

They go onto to talk about spam, misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails designed to increase views are not allowed. It's also not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.
Maybe i should read YouTube for Dummies to get a better insight into how their pathetic minds think.

So what are they saying? You're not allowed to comment on someones photo or send private messages. It's all very odd but even odder since all i do is tag to what the content is, write private message and make comments on other posts.

I added the said video in Oct 2008 and it had 126,226 views. Well they took their time banning something which is mild by comparison to what everyone else is posting.

Don't worry though i'll find a way to Voyeurs Delight & Rubber Fetish on the new site when done. Just waiting on the template adjustments and then i can crack the whip. 

Sunday, May 9

Saturday, May 8

Ballet Heels by Alexandra Potter

This video is the latest release from the people at http://www.ballet-heels.com/
Don't you love the way this lady walks in her ballet boots. Inspiring, elegant, fetish are the best words i would use to describe them. The lady in question makes it look so easy and is a real natural.
According to her website, Alexandra Potter isn't a Fetish Model, but a Highstyle model. She works with a photographer called Raymond Kerrin Larum a German photographer based in Wesel a. Rhine, Germany.

His site albeit in German speaks for itself with a wonderful selection of photographs including this one i've seen on many a blog.

His face is kind of familiar, but then again everyone is familiar to me.
The shoes Alexandra wears come from a new kid on the block called http://boga-heels.com/
The site is in German and English but don't hold your breath on that one as it doesn't look as though it's finished just yet. Alas, there's nothing new about the content of this particular shop just a new way of showing existing collections available in other online retailers. Of course the prices speak for themselves in that they're mainly man made materials.

The latex wear that they're selling looks vaguely familiar hence the reference to http://www.fantasticrubber.de/
Oh and do check out Fantastic rubber as the word on the street (from German friends) is that the quality and production of their line is very very good.

The Germans, like the French seem to have this belief that their market is limited by language as can be seen by their reluctance to write their sites in English as the second language. True that Boga Heels have put an english tab on their site but i doubt they will ever update it.

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish GirlsFor a small fee i offer them and any other French or German store some assistance in writing their text in English.

Thursday, May 6

Thank you kind Sir!!!

It's marvelous to be appreciated for what i do so a big thank you to an admirer in the USA (who asked to remain anonymous) for his super donation. Now i've got enough for a new pair of thigh boots. He'll be happy to learn that i placed an order for a pair of these lovely thigh boots from Sky-Scrapers in the UK, but in Matt leather with a 6" heel and natural leather soles. 

Talking of Sky-Scrapers has anyone noticed the similarity between the pics on http://www.sky-scrapers.com and http://www.ladykinkyboots.com/
Not the most Classical of Lady's but a super way of promoting a product. If there are any similar retailers or designers out there who want my help in promoting their wares, please drop me an email. The address is top/right.

I do of course plan on getting a pair in dark purple matt leather with a 7" heel but that will have to wait until the donations start rolling in again. There's a few bespoke designers around and think that will be my next port of call.

What i'm going to start doing is posting my old images online and in small amounts, as i know you get bored after 5 pics. Let me know your requests.

For he who shall remain nameless i will be sending him his own private collection of pics and video. He can decide if i should post them online.
Last Thursday i went to see Jeroen van der Klis of http://www.bizarredesign.nl/ and have asked him source some lovely rubber for an underbust classic corset with clasp fittings at the front. I know that whilst it will take some time to get done it'll be well worth the wait. The design will be fairly similar to this leather corset i sometimes wear.

Wednesday, May 5

Bizarre Ball - London 5th June

Bizarre Magazine from the UK have just brought out their latest offering for their Bizarre Ball to be held in London on the 5th June. Billed as the greatest show on Earth and to whet your appetite they've produced a  fantastic free digital magazine to showcase the freaky, naughty and downright sexy delights you'll see on the night. Expect the greatest  alternative bands and DJs, as well as stage shows, burlesque, cabaret,  comedy and all things BIZARRE!!! In fact if you click the link below you can see for yourself what they have in store for you at their MEGA event in London on the 5th June

Scary moments

The latest post has been delayed somewhat by a couple of annoying factors including public holidays and a bit of a scare on my part. I won't bore you with the gory details except to say that i'm almost better and can for the first time in 5 days sit behind my computer for more than 10 minutes without feeling nauseous.
Since i've been offline there's quite a lot of newsy items come to my attention and will endeavour to post relevant content over the next few days.
Skin Two MagazineSome of you may have noticed that i've been messing around with affiliates over the last few weeks and have recently struck a deal with Skin Two, the famous and original purveyor of all things fetish and rubber related. Here's just one of their banners advertising what they're all about and i hope that within the next few months i can report on an exciting new project that i will be involved in with Tim Woodward of Skin Two. But more on that when i have some actual factual data.