Thursday, April 29

Dita von Tease - MAX Magazine March 2010

Dita von Teese strikes a pose in yet another unforgettable spread by Ellen von Unwerth, this time for the 25th Anniversary issue of Max magazine (Italy - March 2010). I can't read Italian either, but the pictures speak for themselves don't you think?

When i say Dita i immediately think of High Heels and the tightest of waist. The world is surely a better place with this most hottest chic.

Dita: Fetish Goddess

To top it off, Ellen von Unwerth has the most amazing flair with the camera, so the
pictures are filled with energy, seduction and sass.
My advice, go have a look at MAX magazine so you see what i'm on about.

Wednesday, April 28

Subscribing is FREE

With so many blogs and websites all dealing with similar subjects it's hard to know where to look for ideas and inspiration but please note that if it involves High Heels whether on a Boot or a Shoe your 1st point of call should be this blog.
Why do i say this? Simply this, I know where to look and save you the time by searching out interesting articles, pics and links. For example check out this picture from Fashion Rogue A stunning ankle boot. I also love the style of what this girl is wearing.
Have you ever wondered where all of the shoes & boots go to when they're no longer in fashion? Do they trash them or do they give them away? I should be so lucky.

I also search out relevant articles to my gender that may appeal to you. Coming soon are more pictures and video of me. 
Don't forget to bookmark my site or subscribe to news feeds. My site LadyAna is currently pointing toward my Blog as i'm rebuilding the current site. 
Oh and before i forget it's Queensday here in The Netherlands on Friday so i doubt i'll be posting much. Queensday night is the night before queensday so remember that if you're not in bed by midnight it's time to go home.

NYC Rubber Ball - Video

The highlights video with over 30 minutes of highlights and interviews
from the 2010 New York Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World Contest is now on
sale via DVD or direct download for just $20 at: NYC Rubber Ball
There's a trailer to this video on YouTube, where else would it be?
Proceeds will benefit the MRW Travel Fund and the 2011 prize pool and
production budget. Many thanks to for all
their hard work producing the video. Get your copy NOW and get ready for
our 5th Anniversary in January 2011!!!
Delving deeper as we do i discovered that the MRW Travel Fund is merely a fund to help the events title holders get to more events! The fund will be used ONLY for airfare, hotel, food and transit/taxi for the reigning Miss Rubber World and previous title holders if resources allow. Donations are not yet deductible as charitable donations, but if you have a business that you would like to advertise on their site, $100 will get you a banner link on their links page for 12 months, which is deductible as a promotional expense as an advertising sponsorship.
Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish GirlsSounds like a pretty good deal to me!!!

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

You're going to love this movie i found on an interesting Movie site.......Enjoy!!

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish Girls

Tuesday, April 27

Leatherworks London - NEW Shoe styles

Just been looking through the Leatherworks catalogue and although platforms don't do that much for me i noticed that they've got some new designs that i though you would be interested in seeing.

P509S  is also new: Lace Up Platform Slingback 7" Heel 2" Platform. Retailing at £125

PK534-7: Peep Toe Curved Strap - 7" Heel 2" Platform £125

Elite (left): A beautifuly designed platform, with laces, stitching design and eyelets. 7" Heel 2" Platform for a well deserved £165.00   

Premiere (right): Beautifuly designed platform, with laces and chain details. Including a toe cap. 9.5" Heel 3" Platform. Price:  £250.00

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish Girls

Skin Two LateXtra - They yearn to read your news

Skin Two Fetish Yearbook 2009The Next Issue of Skin Two LateXtra is On The Way...
They Want Your News, they'll certainly be getting mine.
They're currently busy preparing issue 33 of Skin Two LateXtra – the magazine given away free at fetish shops and clubs across the UK, established over ten years. If you have a story from the fetish scene to tell, they'd like to hear it, so get in touch!  Email to
Like to Get LateXtra for Your Shop, Club or Munch?
If you run a fetish shop, club or munch, they’ll send you a box of LateXtra free of charge, to give away to your guests. It’s a freebie they will enjoy! Email to
Like to Advertise?
If you run a fetish business, whether it’s a club or a shop, or you’re an online trader, ads in Skin Two LateXtra are your most cost-effective way to reach the UK fetish marketplace. Download their ad information sheet here
For ad queries, mail to or phone 020 8878 8123
Also Available Online Worldwide
If you don’t need the printed version, anyone can also download Skin Two LateXtra in PDF form at LateXtra. You can flip to the page you want and read it on your PC, or print it out – or even print the whole issue if you like.
Would You Like LateXtra by Post?
If you can’t get to a Skin Two LateXtra stockist, they’ll gladly post your own copy to you. The magazine is free of charge – you only pay for shipping. (£2 in the UK, £4 in the EU and £8 USA and rest of the world.) Pay via PayPal to or send a cheque to Skin Two, UKD House, Norstead Place, London SW15 3SA.
If you have any questions at all about the 33rd issue of Skin Two LateXtra, just email to
Bet you didn't know that Skin Two also publish books and fortunately some very nice coffee items.

Lust Love Latex and Latex Lady S - E300 giftvoucher to WIN

The Danes and Brits have many things in common, not least their humour as i can attest from my frequent visits to Copenhagen and Jutland when RISC operated their Summer Rubber recces known as Rubber Camp. Seen at many Copenhagen Manifest Parties is a guy known as 3xL who runs one of the most interesting latex rubber weblogs and resource sites on the internet. 
In fact Lustlovelatex has been going since 2002 and what began as a personal weblog has grown into the site that you see today. Looking out of your window you may have seen that it’s spring time already and the sun is shining once more.  
Thanks to Latex Lady S, they will be sending the spring time to one of their readers in the form of a €300 gift card to the Latex Lady S online store, on May 5th. 2010!

I just registered my comment on the post to see if i could be the lucky winner of this give away. Why don't you?
It’s true – a fantastic €300 gift card! So girls and guys get ready for some serious shopping! Now you have the chance to spoil yourself, your girlfriend, spouse, rubber domina or latex slave girl!
To enter this give-away, please visit Latex Lady S webstore and leave a comment to their post which can be found at LustLoveLatex Giveaway, telling them what the first latex item was you brought OR what the first item will be if you don’t have any latex yet!
Only one entry per person, please. Make more than one entry and all of your entries will be invalid.
This give-away closes Sunday, May 5th. 2010, at 6.00 p.m. (recorded by the comment time stamp). authors and Latex Lady S employees can’t take part in this draw. The winner will be picked at random by a integer generator. The lucky winner will be announced on the LustLoveLatex weblog so be sure to bookmark the page.

Monday, April 26

Obscene Theatre - Amsterdam 15th May

Vault events are the organization behind The mega fetish dance event known as Wasteland, but i bet you didn't know that they also organize and promote another more funky event called Obscene Theatre.
Generally held in a central Amsterdam location. This time at The Flex Bar near Westerpark in Amsterdam. See their website for further information. Billed as fetishist extravaganza but with a humorous and pervy twist. Dance and Play amongst 'open minded' friends and let yourself be entertained by Neo-burlesque performances and unique shows by The Bloodsquad, Mistresses, slaves and more.
Facilities include a chill out area, Lounge, Games Room, Smoking area and of course a dance area.
Dj's: Manga, Salva and others
Above all it will be an intimate fetish night and i hope to see you there... Don't forget to check out their site for further information including dress code and of course where you can buy your tickets.

Obscene Party

Saturday, April 24

La Maitresse du Pirate - First Party REPORT

They say that life experiences come in many forms and although my latest experience was tame by comparison to many other events and parties i have been fortunate enough to have been able to attend, the possibilities of Antwerp featuring in my social and professional agenda are largely increased following a recent visit to that fair city.
Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb General Assortment It could be said that Belgian chocolate would be enough reason to visit Antwerp but not the whole as the fetish party scene is slowly but surely getting back it's notoriety of years gone by with the inception of a brand new party concept hosted by the most charming Belgian socialite Fleur Pierets. The party took place last Thursday 22nd April just outside Antwerp in what i believe is a swingers club and the party gave itself the name of Welcome to my Playground promoted by La Maitresse du Pirate.
The event was more a social BDSM evening and by invitation only hence there being virtually no promotion apart from a mention on Facebook via this link Facebook - Welcome to my Playground
and on my blog, see my previous entry Antwerp for BDSM & Transgender nights Although there was some house type music and around 50 attendees including some faces i've seen at other parties the concept does show a lot of promise and i look forward to being able to recommend Fleur's next event.
Some interesting concepts were on offer at the party. On arrival we were given the following packs to use or in my case keep to show you.
Once inside the club we were offered a free glass of cava and introduced to many people. Later there was a Bondage demonstration by a Japanese lady and an apparently famous Belgian bondage expert. Laid out on the various tables and bars was an interesting BDSM concept whilst a great idea is something that needs a little work for the next party. I took one with me and have scanned it for you to peruse.
The La Mistress du Pirate website is a site in its infancy and is promoting itself as a pleasurable  bdsm-government. They offer an inspiring forum for any like-minded by offering a number of exciting services to the visitor. The site is written in Dutch and i would suggest that you use google to translate the text if so desired.
 Judging by the site and my brief conversation with the lovely Fleur i believe that we're going to see a lot more of the La Mistress du Pirate concept in the months and years to come.

Cruise Elastic - May 22 Paris, France

The well known French Fetish store DEMONIA, famed for NUIT DEMONIA & NUIT ELASTIQUE are once again organizing another Elastique event this time entitled CROSIERE ELASTIQUE, translated into english as
Saturday, May 22, 2010
from 20:00 to dawn
[12th anniversary of Night Elastic]
Tickets available at the shop or online at the Demonia online store.

Unfortunately for us English speaking folk the site and the Demonia party mailings are all in French and with no translations available it's up to us to either guess or use google's translation service to tell us exactly what they have written. So this is what they said in their mailing. I've condensed the mailing where possible so you may understand where they're coming from. So here goes and maybe the following video will help.

Paris is always Paris and Paris will always be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. To organize a fetish event in Paris is in itself a great thing, a cosmopolitan city, combining art, culture and sense of celebration, a city imbued with history and always in turmoil, but the dream was to host a party in a setting in which to truly feel in Paris, because a cellar, a disco or a club like this is always a bit hit and miss as to whether you're in Paris, London, Amsterdam or Tokyo.
One of the most typical sights of Paris is, without doubt, the tourist boats plying the Seine amid centuries of history and architecture of the capital. And it's even more beautiful at night when the buildings are highlighted by lights that are full splendor of this most romantic city.
By combining the idea of tourist cruise on the Seine and of organizing an evening of vinyl, latex and leather, the organizer of the NIGHT ELASTIC hit really hard in the club of major fetish by offering a unique concept while mixing two ideas that have been proven separately, cruises on the Seine and the fetish, the stroke of genius was simply to bring them together.
Exactly one year after the first ELASTIC CRUISE, here is the third in its NIGHT ELASTIC sailing: a special edition will be an opportunity to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the evening. If you do not know Night Elastic, know, to summarize, it is the most famous regular fetish party in Paris. It is held every month and brings in its editions "ordinary" between 250 and 400 people. It is also the evening's most turbulent of the kind with a diverse audience, loyal, enthusiastic, excited comprised of artists, couples, transvestites, the androgynous, of Gothic, exhibitionists, fans of Japanese sexuality, dominatrix ... "A merry mess" as the creator  likes to emphasize.
And since nothing is too good for this 12th anniversary, a huge gourmet buffet will also be offered to all sailors who will participate in the fetish event! A buffet will be installed during the first part of the evening in the largest room of the ship (the River King moored just in front of the Maison de Radio France, not far from the Eiffel Tower), opposite the small cozy lounges where It is so nice to start the evening.
The CRUISE & Elastique takes place in two stages, one of the cruise itself and that of the evening "dancing & whatever. The first part, for reasons of maritime safety, is restricted to 350 people. In fact, the boat can not carry more than 350 people when traveling. No need to stress that it is more prudent to buy a ticket as quickly as possible if one wishes to enjoy the experience. During the early evening that begins at 8pm (the start of the cruise is around 9pm) you can find throughout the ship bars, dance floor, video projections and photo studio. Then you head to the buffet, you sit comfortably at a table to eat with friends or people you meet then you go on the huge deck of the boat when it will embark on her cruise lasting approximately 90 minutes. The atmosphere of the cruise is always wonderful, welcoming people from each other bridges over the Seine and from the other boat (boat tours, restaurants boats, private boats and outboard of the river police).
Throughout the One hour and thirty minute trip you will see the Eiffel Tower, Musée d'Orsay, Trocadéro, Place de la Concorde, Notre Dame, the Invalides, the National Assembly and so much more.
Once the cruise has finished at around 11pm, the second part of the evening begins and the party will explode as another 300 or so party revelers join the cruise guests to make a truly wonderful party for all concerned.

Whatever formula you choose, the CRUISE ELASTIC offers you a unique and unforgettable night.

DJ: DJ RTT (techno & more), DJ Fred Bat (dark electro), DJ Francis Wolf (Metal & Rock) Niko & DJ (electronica).
Smokehouse housed on the deck of the boat. Cloakroom and changing room.

Two options to choose from:
• SPECIAL FORMULA (from 20.00): 90-minute cruise on the Seine + + unlimited gourmet buffet evening classical to 5:00 am.
25 euros all inclusive. Only in advance. Tickets on sale at the Boutique Dèmonia - 22 Ave. Jean Aicard - 75011 Paris.
• CLASSIC FORMULA (from 23:00): only the evening (after the ship returned to dock, so no cruise, no buffet).
12 euro presale at Boutique Dèmonia. 20 euros on the door.

Location: KING'S RIVER BOAT - 100 Avenue du Président Kennedy - 75016 Paris. (Just opposite the Maison de Radio France).
Metro: Passy
Parking: in front of the dock on the boat (fee required).
Access is by boat in the tunnel located between the station and parking.
Access discreet and secure.

Wednesday, April 21

Erotic Awards 2010 - London UK

Coming up are The Erotic Awards Finals which will take place in the early evening of the Night of the Senses on Friday 30th April 2010. This is the first night of the UK May bank holiday, and the start of the London Sex Weekend. 


Interestingly though i noticed that shoe designer Ainsley-t Shoes (Italy) is a finalist in the Fashion section.
Stuart Thom’s innovative and beautifully crafted erotic shoes and boots can be customized further to suit the buyer. 

His high heeled shoe with a butt-plug for a heel steals the show. Boots are made with a pocket for the cane, and with a cock-ring hoister just above the ankle. 

Ainsley-t shoes are stocked in London fetish stores such as Liberation and Showgirls/Atsuko Kudo. Ainsley-t, via Giannone 2, 20154 Milano, Italy.

Surprisingly not yet available in Amsterdam

Also a finalist in the same category is Jane Doe Classic and Couture Latex from the UK.

Lively latex designs by Jane Doe. She challenges the fetish scene to bring itself into the 21st century, using unconventional materials such as recycled fur and feathers alongside quality latex. 

Classical without being bland, sexual without being obscene and exclusive without being elitist, she keeps fetish clothing in the news and on the magazine covers. 

Watch out for this interesting new talent.
More breaking news items shortly.

Fetish Project Brussels - 4th Birthday Party

The 20 th event and 4th birthday of the Fetish Project in Brussels takes place on 24 April 2010.
The organizers say that this evening they have planned many surprises including a retrospective exhibition of the last 4 years and an outstanding by perfomance Kuriakin 
You will also have the opportunity to win a free pass for one year to the Fetish Project.
Book now for  April 24 to celebrate this very special evening with them
The expo will be held from 18:00 to 21:00 with free access on the boat and will continue as a part of party at10pm. The party will finish at 6am.
There's a strict dress code and will be enforced. Note that to have a pre-sale does not exempt you from the respect for the dress code
For more informations, consult the forum and other parts of their website.

Tuesday, April 20

Feet - Interesting facts

The following article i found on an interesting site called Know About Health. So rather than re editing it i thought it best just to copy and paste and let you do the reading. I've made reference to the author at the foot of the post.

FOOT ALIGNMENT SOCKS SMALL MEDIUMFeet are one of the most important but neglected part of our body. Most of us take back seat in taking care of feet as compared to other beauty parts.  I think that could be partly due the location of the feet, which is at very bottom and you have to make an extra effort to reach there.  Feet carry weight of the whole body therefore; any problem in the feet not only can lead to discomfort but can affect your walk and cause knee, hip and back pain.  During high temperatures in summer, if your foot is packed in tight shoes, there are higher risk of getting fungal infections and socially embarrassing ‘smelly feet”.

As a result I want to share health information on feet with my readers.  I strongly believe it’s worth investing time in taking care of your feet either you are a man or woman.  It is a  myth that women need to take care of feet than men.  Here are few simple and easy tips that American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) offers for protecting your feet from harm during the summer months:

Wash your feet frequently: Wearing shoes can cause sweating and accumulate moisture, which can be an invitation to fungal infections.  Therefore, wash your feet several times a day with soap and water, but be sure to dry your feet thoroughly before putting your shoes back on.
Let your feet breathe: To avoid moisture in your feet, you should consider wearing an open sandal that may keep your feet dry and give them a chance to “breathe”.

Clean your feet: Gently remove hard skin and calluses with a pumice stone or foot file on a regular basis.

Dry your feet: Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes after washing them and apply a moisturizing foot cream.  Dark moist areas are breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria.

The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern WorldPrevent Cracking: If your skin is dry, apply cream or petroleum jelly to feet, but avoid the area between your toes. If cream sits in the crevices it can waterlog the skin and make it more susceptible to infection.

Nail Care:  Always cut nails straight across and then smooth the edges with an emery board.

Right shoe selection:  Make sure that your shoes fit properly. Avoid wearing high heels and pointed shoes during activities like mountain climbing, tracking, etc.  As per APMA, 8 in 10 (80%) Americans have experienced foot problems as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Use Sunscreen: Always apply 40 SPF or higher sunscreen on your feet, including the tops, toes, soles and ankles before going outdoors, bare foot or with feet exposed to sun.  Your feet can get sunburned, just like the rest of your body. Severe burns can cause blistering and peeling, which can eventually lead to infection.

Soft n Smooth Foot Care SystemChange your socks frequently:  Wear cotton or bamboo socks and change them on regular basis to avoid the accumulation of moisture in your socks, which can make you more susceptible to a foot bacterial or fungal infection.

Contact a podiatrist: If your skin’s texture or color changes abnormally, or if you notice any variances in your in nail texture, color, or thickness, take an appointment with your podiatrist. These symptoms can be signs of infection.

The APMA recommends that women should avoid wearing restrictive nylon tights and men stick to wearing cotton socks, as they are the best foot coverings that absorb moisture and let feet breathe. However, most of us and even many physicians are unaware of the important relationship between foot health and overall health and well-being.  I believe you will be more attentive your feet and follow the foot care tips that are easy to implement in day to day life.

Healthy feet!

Attitude Holland - New Boot line

Boots as we know are all the rage these days and Attitude Holland are no exception to this as shown by the recent release of their latest line of footwear from New Rock. Priced at Eur76.19 as an introductory sale and whilst stocks last and in sizes 36 to 41 will surely appeal to Goth and Trend setters alike. 

The site is in English, Dutch, French and German and they accept most methods of payment but make it easy if you wish to pay directly from your bank. 

They also offer e credits to use against your next purchase. Also in store right now are an all time favorite of mine the New Rock Thigh boot with a metal heel, again in the sale in sizes 36-41 and priced at a very reasonable Eur97.79

Antwerp for BDSM & Transgender nights

For anyone who happens to be in Antwerp this Thursday 22nd April a new Hotel/Cafe is having it's launch party. The cafe isn't really a cafe but more like a boat moored in the harbour. As well as it being a cafe on a boat it also has 50 rooms as it's a hotel too.

The party in question is a Swingers party aimed at Couples, Singles, Transsexuals, Transvestites, Hookers, Bi's & the Gay/Lesbian community. The party starts at 9pm and goes on into the wee small hours. Click on the picture for more information

Dress code for the girls is Sexy, high heels and Red Lipstick. Sounds intriguing and if anyone does go please let me know.

Remember though, if you're not in bed by midnight it's time to go home.

It seems as that Antwerp is the city to head for if you’re looking for something interesting to do. For on the same night there’s a new BDSM club opening for which I have been invited and will most likely be attending.

This party is being hosted by and is a launch party called Welcome to my Playground. The party starts at 8pm and is billed as an exclusive BDSM, fetish and Desire Cabaret. Entry is via reservation to

Once registered you’ll be given the location of the party and when on the door will be asked to hand over a mere EUR30.00 which in this day of age is but a measly sum for such an exclusive event. Oh and if you’d like to read more about this event just have a look at the Facebook - Welcome to my Playground

Story of O

Site move

As you can see, my main site is currently pointing toward my blog as i'm re building it and didn't want you my loyal faithful readers missing out on all the action.

The new LadyAnamorphic site is going to be much more friendlier to use and easier for me to update. So watch this space.

You can of course subscribe to my blog at zero cost should you so desire. Of course i would love to see you but i understand if you choose someone or something else over me.

Lady Ana

Monday, April 19

Yet more high heels and an update

Reference my earlier blog post concerning the "Highest heels you've ever seen" i did a bit more research on the subject mater and came across a most informative site about trends called Trend Hunter on the .com domain. On delving deeper i discovered that the ballet shoes in question were part of a Fetish exhibit at the Galerie du Passage in Paris. Unfortunately the exhibition appears to be over.
Over the years i've seen a great many people and performers come and go who portrayed themselves as experts in wearing ballet footwear with heels that would bring tears of discomfort to many people's eyes but low and behold one of my friends Imelda from Australia who does this with grace and attitude as can be seen here in this short Ballet Walk Video of Imelda walking quite gracefully in her ballet shoes of choice. You can find blog here
If Ballet heels and extreme heels are not for you the how about furniture for feet as depicted in this photo
Us humans have invented numerous ways to make up for physical shortcomings. Hair extensions. Breast augmentation. Calf implants. Fake nails. Shoes that boost short folks an inch or so is nothing new either. 
CITY GIRL-04, 4 1/2" Platform Pump Bronze Glitter Size 9These shoes, however, take the ‘make-me-taller attitude… well, a bit higher. Dubbed the “high chair” shoes, these heels feature three scaffolding-like bases to lift the wearer at least 6 inches off the ground. 

The hottest shoe designer today is Christian Louboutin, recognized best for his signature red sole that serves as his brand.
Everyone from Vogue editors to big time celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Paris and Nicky Hilton, and Oprah Winfrey belong to the wide variety of women who have been captivated by his shoes. He has reached across celebrity lines to the rave of everyone.

A closet of these will set you back a few thousand dollars which i suppose can be justified when your man spends thousands of dollars or euros in buying his dream car. But then again you can get your own pair from amazon for a fraction of the price