Friday, December 10

Vintage Fetish

In the 1950s Irving Klaw, the 'King of Pin-up' was famous for his photos of beautiful girls in lingerie and high heels. In the early 50s he began filming the girls, producing over a hundred short 8mm films.

This collection of Klaw's fetish films from feature pin-ups wearing corsets, gloves and high heels and while the wrestling films show pin-ups, including burlesque legends Tempest Storm and Lili St Cyr, performing playful catfights with beautiful women wrestling in lingerie.

I'm often amazed at how few Classic Fetish Models there are. In fact if they haven't moved into Burlesque they're often to be found sporting naked imagery of themselves on Porn sites. Quite how it can still be classed as fetish i will never know. Isn't it about time that we moved away from porn on web to classic fetish?

Well dear reader the choice is yours as i recently found a very interesting site called Vintage Classic Porn and whilst predominately a porno site it does have a plethora of what i would describe as Classic Fetish. Here's one i found and i feel sure there's a whole lot more inside should you part with your well earned cash.

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