Friday, December 10

ICON Series - Lady Sonia

Continuing the ICON series here's the latest installment but this time featuring a lady of similar age to myself. 

Lady Sonia began her Modelling career with camera clubs back in the early 80's and quite quickly moved on to professional modelling for magazines etc.

Back then it was still rather frowned upon to be a professional "adult" model and the camera clubs had a list of girls who would model so long as things were kept discreet. Being an exhibitionist and really enjoying what she did she modeled for just about all of the fetish and S and M magazines of the time as well as several of the "top shelf" mainstream adult magazines as well. Sonia as you've probably noticed has great legs and was for a short time a "leg model" for Pretty Polly and a couple of other hosiery companies but as she says on her website she was more interested in the adult side and soon turned her back on the mainstream to concentrate on her website
I wish i could say that she was still a classic fetish model as you can see in the pictures she let me post, sadly for me and other purists the pictures shown are of a by gone era as she is now billed as "Britain's most Unfaithful Wife". But hey if you like that kind of thing go check out her site.

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