Monday, November 29

Rise of the Killer Heel

One of my favorite sources of information regarding Fashion and of course food for my predilection for buying high heel shoes and boots is The Daily Mail online

It seems as though the high heel is making a comeback, as sales of high heels have quadrupled this year as women attempt to follow in the wobbly footsteps of Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole. Other celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow are balancing on vertiginous heels of 6in and higher, women’s choice of footwear is reaching lofty new heights in the run-up to the Christmas party season.
Let's hope it's not just a christmas fad but the start of a whole new revival of a shoe fetishists dream.
I've mentioned Italian Heels before and will do so again as as they seem to be right on track in their offerings of single sole 15cm heels in assortments of styles and colour choices.

Leatherworks of London supply footwear to a number of retailers, including Skyscrapers. Whilst there are one or two pairs which are extremely comfortable many are not. For some reason their 6inch thigh boots have a strange arch that makes me wonder whether they're using different lasts to that of the shoes. 

Fuss footwear in Germany use lasts that give a 16cm heel and whilst extremely comfortable they don't feel quite as snug as my favorite 18cm heels from Skysrapers.

A few weeks ago i bought a pair of red sole clear plastic fronted 6inch heels from Fabulously Fetish and now rate them as being the most comfortable of all my extreme heels.

With Christmas fast approaching will you be tempted with something off the high street or go for something unusual? Burlesque Blue on the other hand offer virtually made to measure at normal retail prices. With so much to choose from in the UK alone is there any need for us to search ebay any longer. Let's hope many do not, but leave Ebay to the fetishist and collector as post christmas will surely find a plethora of unwanted gifts flooding the market in the form of our favorite heels.

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