Friday, October 1

The point?

Upon perusing some of my favorite shoe retailers websites the other day i came across this rather ridiculous promotional item from
On their site they have this jpg.

I fail to see the point of anyone even considering buying a pair of high heels with a lower heel. I mean why would anyone look at a webshop on high heels if they wanted lower heels? It's either a novelty promotion or there's someone in the shoe fetish world that has already asked for it.

I personally would like to see more availability of quality handmade leather shoes or options to make a lower heel higher.

Since i began my journey into buying high heels or indeed in some cases having them bought for me i am happy to say that there are some really great Shoe manufacturers and retailers out there who satisfy my desires of wearing such a heel. A little known German company who has actually been around for quite some time and who sells their own brand of Italian Designer heels. Every single pair i have bought from this company fit like a glove and my feet feel wonderful as well as looking really great. In the past i've aimed for heels of either 15 or 18cm and so imagine my joy to find shoes with a 16cm heel. So where some companies say that a heel measures between one height and another actually state the size of the heel per size of shoe. Isn't that great!!!! The shoes shown above are made of a mix of fine Italian leather and patent leather. At 16cm in height do some amazing things to my demeanor and i'm looking forward to the day when i can do a pictorial review of such footwear.

Talking of footwear and new designs i saw the other day that Stela van Gent has her very own shoe and boot designs. Her heels aren't all that high but they are classically beautiful.

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