Friday, September 17

As everyone can see i started blogging again.
The boots pics i posted refer to a pair of Z7's a bought from a couple of years ago. Sara commented yesterday how much she loves the style and how much they suited me.

Love the boots to the left that Lady Sonia is wearing. Over the years i've bought many pairs of high heeled boots and can highly recommend the Z7 lace up style for not only sex appeal but also the comfort factor.

Did anyone see any of my videos on You tube of me walking in these boots? 

I will make another such movie one day. For now i've a stack of other movies i still have to edit and thought that rather than merely putting somewhere for everyone to download i should generate a small income to fund future purchases and with it yet more movies depicting my fetish.

Oh and yes and the comment on this pic is soooooooo very true.

Are you willing and ready? Answers on a postcard please.

Am i the only person who favours the leather sole look in a high heel? Of course, there are many people who cannot afford to spend over 100 GBP on a pair of boots and instead buy much cheaper man made versions and critique just how horrible they feel. 

You get what you pay for at the end of the day.

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