Wednesday, July 7

Stockholm - Sweden

For the last 12 months i've had a lot of free time but that is about to end as i've just got myself a new job and will be away from Amsterdam for a while living and working 35kms north of Stockholm, Sweden.
Most jobs are a means to an end and this one is no different to any other but it may be that we (my girlfriend and I) move up there permanently.
For now i'd like to hear from anyone in the Stockholm area who can give me some advice on living and working there as well as the Alternative Scenes, being Gothic & Fetish related.
Thanks. Lady Ana

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish Girls

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henk said...

wow. that's awesome news. it's much colder there than here in amsterdam. ;). But you will get use to it. just don't wear your latex out on the street. just put on a big fur coat or something ;).

I really hope this job is what you are searching for. and that sweden gives you a warm welcome.

I'll be watching your blog for updates. xxx