Tuesday, June 29

Round One... Boudoir Bizarre !!! FULL STORY

Well, Boudoir Bizarre been to court and so far they have a ruling in their favor. In simple terms the verdict is that the city of Zaandstad has not been able to prove that Boudoir Bizarre is a Pornographic event, nor have they been able to convince the Judge, we, (Fetishists , Kinky Crowd and alike) are a menace to society. And justly so. But this is just round one... The real battle is yet to begin !!!

Boudoir Bizarre, has been around now for 5 years, without any problems what so ever. Three locations, of which two in the middle of densely populated areas and never has there been so much as "strong language" between the Fetish and Kinky clad visitors of Boudoir Bizarre and the "regular" bar hopping crowd of neighboring cafes, or residents of neighboring houses. On the contrary. And this goes for most of the other Fetish and Kinky events as well. In general Fetish and Kinky events are safer than the regular events due to a close scrutiny of the visitors and the discretion most of these parties offer their public. Where else can you walk around in sexy outfits, (male, female and in between) or almost naked, without being harassed? Only at the Fetish and Kinky events. And the few feet from car to door never posed a problem to anyone except the civil servants of Zaanstad, who weren't actually there.

Never have people contracted scary diseases at Boudoir Bizarre, nor have they ever been taken ill by an overdose of PVC and Latex. Sure, people get naughty and frisky, but please don't tell us it's because of the dresscode. People get naughty and frisky everywhere. Sure the shows on stage are erotic and exciting, but never has a visitor been invited to jump the performers, or visa versa. No, the city is not only completely wrong in there assessment of Modern Day Nightlife, they unjustly put the blame solely on us Fetishists and Kinky crowd. Nowadays a great number of regular disco's and clubs feature poledancers, lapdancers. striptease, gogodancers, candygirls, (and the list goes on), as regular entertainment, often with interaction with the visitors of the clubs. And so far, nobody got hurt because of this. But again, we as Fetishists and Kinky Party visitors are being targeted. Why? I guess we are easy to recognize.

Boudoir Bizarre have won the right to have their party on the 3rd of July, but the fight is only just beginning. For anyone interested, the rules by the City of Zaanstad can be viewed here: http://www.boudoir-bizarre.nl/Gem_Besl_seks_in_de_disco.pdf. (Unfortunately it's only in Dutch).

But anybody that wants to speak their mind, (in any language you like) can now do so at our new guestbook here:

Feel free to ventilate, but keep your comments on a civil level, name calling and abuse are not helpful. This guestbook is meant to show the somewhat narrow minded civil servants of Zaanstad that they are dealing with real people. Not just a pieces of paper and that their decisions, (good or bad) have an effect on a lot of people. So all we want is a fair deal and not be the victim of some frustrated, power hungry bureaucrat who finds his, or her kicks only in spoiling other peoples good time.

Boudoir Bizarre also see the need for rules and regulations. But these rules should be drawn up with the help of people who know the scene. Not by people who never leave their desk and get most of their info from their paranoid imagination. We understand the need for hygiene, info about STD's, protection of youngsters and public safety. We always encourage our visitors to use common sense above all else. But we refuse to be forced into the porn, or sexclub scene where we do not belong and by rules that completely miss their intention. Sure we visit sexclubs, sure we watch porn, (most people do), but if we choose to go to a Fetish, or Kinky party then that is what we want. Really, it's not nearly the same. So we refuse to obey rules written by people with no understanding of the issues involved. We also refuse to accept rules that are solely written to conveniently prohibit everything, because the City of Zaanstad doesn't want to pay the needed time, or attention to us and doesn't find it interesting enough to make an effort.

So, the fight will continue. But for now... Join us on the 3rd of July and show the city we can have a Fetish event without the paranoid scenarios the city claims will occur. Let's show them we can have a Fetish event without being a danger to society and corrupting little kids, or contract every VD known to men. Let's show them we are like minded people who will not be forced into the Sex clubs and porno industry, nor will we be ignored the right to express ourselves.

Anybody buying a ticket and joining us on July 3rd will receive a free "Fight the System" Cocktail and a ONE months free membership to becollared.nl, one of the finest international Fetish and BDSM dating sites. (13 Euros value right there).

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henk said...

For some reason, a lot of people are bound by the idea that all that is strange, is bad. Everything they normally don't see so much and is opposite of their life style is regarded as wrong.

I never been to these parties. Only once I did a photoshoot on the hms Stubnitz at the Ghost Ship party. And I really believe (and I felt it quite strong) that the people there were very nice to each other. The atmosphere was of a very different kind than to those you see in a regular disco. Sure you see explicit things or maybe some nudity, but the mental state of the people on those parties is much better than the regular disco's. When I enter a normal club on a saturday night, it's all about scoring and drinking. And in the worst case a fight.

I really hope that people see the beauty of these parties and people. They've got a healthy way of living. It's only not as regular seen as others. But not knowing should not be the same as not liking.

keep it up.