Friday, June 11

Gender explained

I am prompted to write this following a party i attended some weeks ago. The event in question was the Dominatrix party in Haarlem (just outside Amsterdam) organized by the famous Brigitte More when i was introduced to a young lady who although not 100% English asked me in a lovely British accent a few questions about gender and in particularly mine.

Rather than bore everyone with what was said i'm merely going to write it as i see it and whether you my friends, faithful fans and admirers judge me for it i really do not care.

Androgyny: The Opposites Within (Jung on the Hudson Book Series)In life there are 2 specific genders as in male & female. On top of that there are various splits of what could be termed Gender-fuck, gender-queer, gender-illusion and so on. Then there are Transsexuals who want/need to be female & Transvestites who just like to dress up in their opposing gender. Of course there are many permutations of this but what i'm getting to is my specific gender which is actually none of the above for i am neither Male nor Female in the true sense of the word. You're probably thinking what on earth is this chick smoking. Although i live in Amsterdam and have access to soft drugs like weed etc i actually abhor the stuff and am rather intolerant to people who regularly use the stuff.
So what am i? Think Grace Jones, Hanson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Prince (to name but a few) and you have but a few examples of the kind of person i am. The word androgynous pretty much sums up my gender and i'm extremely happy to have found a label for myself albeit not one that many people know about.

For a more concise meaning of Androgyny have a look at wikipedia on the following link and you may begin (if you wish) to understand me a little more.

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