Monday, June 21

Fight the system and WIN membership

Fight the System, Get your Latex out...!!!

Most people probably heard by now that the city of Zaandam in The Netherlands wants to regulate and restrict our beloved Fetish Parties. They made up a series of rules to this end and for starters they focused their attention on Boudoir Bizarre. After banning "Prikkelgeil" they're next. At least, that's what they thought. Cause they, (Boudoir Bizarre and De Kade Venue) are not bending over to take this up the... Well, you get the drift. So they're putting up a fight. And their case will be heard by the Judge on the 22nd of June.

They feel that Fetish parties, whether they include Fetish performances, or even explicit sexual acts should be possible and not just for sex clubs. Anybody who has ever been to a Sex club and has ever been to Fetish events will clearly see a difference. A difference in concept, a difference in crowd, and the sheer number of people attending. All of these make it virtually impossible to organize a Fetish Party in a sex club, (OK, I know one exception, but that's all, nationwide in Holland).

Not only will the city take a look at who's next, they also claim that this policy if proven successful, (read; closing us down) will be adopted by all other major cities in the Netherlands. This means that 99% of all the parties would become illegal. There are a few exceptions, but who's to say for how long.

So, let's prevent their party biting the big one. Come join us the 3rd of July and show the city we can have a Fetish event without the paranoid scenarios the city claims will occur. Let's show them we can have a Fetish event without being a danger to society and corrupting little kids. Let's show them we are like minded people who will not be forced into the Sex clubs and porno industry. We are Fetishistists and we want to express this amongst our own by partying, dancing, lounging and playing.

Anybody buying a ticket and joining us on July 3rd will receive a free "Fight the System" Cocktail and a ONE months free membership to, one of the finest international Fetish and BDSM dating sites.
(vouchers on show of ticket at the register).

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