Friday, June 11

Boudoir Bizarre - NOT cancelled

As you might have heard in the Dutch Press the city council of Zaanstad is trying to ban the famous Boudoir Bizarre Fetish Party from their city because in the city councils words they're pornographic.

The rumour mill has of late been working overtime with negative comment about this particular event saying that the party has been cancelled, when i am assured from a very reliable source that the party is most definitely going ahead as planned.

Apparently the council sent a spy to the last event and noted that he/she saw a few bare breasts, some bondage and someone outside wearing a kinky costume. These 3 observations are apparently enough for them to label the event as being pornographic and so unlawful in the city of Zaanstad. According to the local laws such events cannot take place at a location within a 200 metre radius of any other bar or restaurant. This on pain of a EUR15,000.00 fine per event.

Did anyone see the spy or did he/she come in disguise? I wonder what they wore? Anyone?

Since the venue De Kade are very much behind the organizers they together with the Organizer are taking the city council to court over the issue. It's highly likely they will win and receive a stay of execution. But as The Netherlands is one of the most bureaucratic nations in the Western Hemisphere it won't be long before ALL fetish parties are banned. So whether you favour Dominatrix, Wasteland, Bitch or even Boudoir Bizarre it may not be that long before the fetish scene is forced underground and into the privacy of a secret location.

I personally welcome this as it's going to make Fetish less accessible to the hoi polloi, but what about you? What are your thoughts on this? What should we do as citizens to rectify this intolerable situation of our basic civil liberties?

More on this story as it develops but if you'd like more information on this party and where you can obtain a ticket have a look at the banner below and

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