Friday, June 25

Boudoir Bizarre 1 - Zaandam City Council 0

Hot off the press is the news that Boudoir Bizarre have won the first court case between them and the Zaandam city council therefore Boudoir Bizarre 3rd July will go ahead as planned.
Fearing that fetish parties could soon be outlawed i urge all fetishists to support what parties we have by attending the next event and thereby giving your support to this and future events of this genre.
More on this story as it develops but if you'd like more information on this party and where you can obtain a ticket have a look at

Don't forget to get a latex outfit in time for the next and future parties. Note that Westward Bound regularly give 20% discounts on their clothing range. Watch out for special deals.


1 comment:

henk said...

AAAh, Great news. even though i don't visit these parties, i really hope they keep on existing. It's a place for like-wise people to meet. Just like people who like football. And those hooligans produce more trouble.

good luck