Thursday, May 6

Thank you kind Sir!!!

It's marvelous to be appreciated for what i do so a big thank you to an admirer in the USA (who asked to remain anonymous) for his super donation. Now i've got enough for a new pair of thigh boots. He'll be happy to learn that i placed an order for a pair of these lovely thigh boots from Sky-Scrapers in the UK, but in Matt leather with a 6" heel and natural leather soles. 

Talking of Sky-Scrapers has anyone noticed the similarity between the pics on and
Not the most Classical of Lady's but a super way of promoting a product. If there are any similar retailers or designers out there who want my help in promoting their wares, please drop me an email. The address is top/right.

I do of course plan on getting a pair in dark purple matt leather with a 7" heel but that will have to wait until the donations start rolling in again. There's a few bespoke designers around and think that will be my next port of call.

What i'm going to start doing is posting my old images online and in small amounts, as i know you get bored after 5 pics. Let me know your requests.

For he who shall remain nameless i will be sending him his own private collection of pics and video. He can decide if i should post them online.
Last Thursday i went to see Jeroen van der Klis of and have asked him source some lovely rubber for an underbust classic corset with clasp fittings at the front. I know that whilst it will take some time to get done it'll be well worth the wait. The design will be fairly similar to this leather corset i sometimes wear.

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