Wednesday, May 5

Scary moments

The latest post has been delayed somewhat by a couple of annoying factors including public holidays and a bit of a scare on my part. I won't bore you with the gory details except to say that i'm almost better and can for the first time in 5 days sit behind my computer for more than 10 minutes without feeling nauseous.
Since i've been offline there's quite a lot of newsy items come to my attention and will endeavour to post relevant content over the next few days.
Skin Two MagazineSome of you may have noticed that i've been messing around with affiliates over the last few weeks and have recently struck a deal with Skin Two, the famous and original purveyor of all things fetish and rubber related. Here's just one of their banners advertising what they're all about and i hope that within the next few months i can report on an exciting new project that i will be involved in with Tim Woodward of Skin Two. But more on that when i have some actual factual data.

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