Monday, May 17

Meeting people - Obscene Fetish Party

Leaning across the bar i said to this creature. "That's a lovely outfit, simple yet suits you perfectly" but to cut a long story short she said "i recognize that accent" "where are you from?"
Seemingly we both hail from Manchester, she from Oldham and me from Stretford, as my last place of abode. There's something about Stretford (when you know it) that it's not the nicest of places. But nor is Oldham. Both are steeped in Northern mill town and industrial history hence a very good reason why we both live here in Amsterdam. Names names names, damn i forget hers and her husband's but i hope that they read this and we meet for coffee soon.

The event i attended was an intimate Fetish party called the Obscene theatre, Not much in the way of theatricals but made so much the better by the lovely people you meet. Tanya was another such chick i spoke with, friend of Raymondo my South American friend. He keeps getting taller but i think that's down to the platform boots he wears; not unlike those buffalo boots reminiscent of the 90's. Party pics coming soon.  I've just realized though that i wore the same dress as i did for a previous Obscene party but one thing i love about Obscene is that the photographers do actually take photo's of everyone who made an effort. This is sadly not the case of the photographers at a few other parties, the 2 in question come out of the Boudoir Bizarre & Club Midnight stable's. Funny how they're run by the same person.

WestwardboundAs my girlfriend decided to stay home this weekend i was accompanied by Daphne de Jong my Dutch Tranny friend. She wore a very lovely black and purple latex catsuit from an unknown manufacturer on ebay. It probably came out of China but from what i've seen of chinese latex the build quality is reasonable but is made in such a way that the garments fit standard bodies. Daphne as you can imagine has a standard body, whereas mine is long. For really good standard body fit i can recommend Westward bound. In fact i got this red top from them.

Looking forward to next weekend and the Dominatrix party in Haarlem 
Should be an enjoyable evening if everyone turns up. My new photographer, Fritz Rubbered is coming along too so maybe we'll have an impromptu shoot at some point.

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