Tuesday, May 11

Fetish or not Fetish....that was the question

I put it to Alexandra Potter in a short email interview to answer a few questions about her recent Youtube movie release and work related to Raymond Kerrin Larum and her forthcoming site ballet-heels.com.
Do You Come Here Often?
Some of my questions were as follows.
1. Did the wearing and walking around in ballet heels come naturally to you?
2. Do you wear high heels on a daily basis?
3. What is the highest heel you wear?
4. Are there any models that you particularly admire?
5. We all have a wishlist (i know i do) of items of clothing and footwear that we yearn for. Do you have such a list? If so would you share it with us?
6. I read on your website that you're not a Fetish Model but consider yourself to be a HighStyle Model. Could you explain in one sentence what you mean by that and why you chose this description for yourself?

Rather than answering the email with some answers to some questions of a nature that would be of interest to everyone all she would say is that she's not a fetish model and left it at that.

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