Saturday, May 8

Ballet Heels by Alexandra Potter

This video is the latest release from the people at
Don't you love the way this lady walks in her ballet boots. Inspiring, elegant, fetish are the best words i would use to describe them. The lady in question makes it look so easy and is a real natural.
According to her website, Alexandra Potter isn't a Fetish Model, but a Highstyle model. She works with a photographer called Raymond Kerrin Larum a German photographer based in Wesel a. Rhine, Germany.

His site albeit in German speaks for itself with a wonderful selection of photographs including this one i've seen on many a blog.

His face is kind of familiar, but then again everyone is familiar to me.
The shoes Alexandra wears come from a new kid on the block called
The site is in German and English but don't hold your breath on that one as it doesn't look as though it's finished just yet. Alas, there's nothing new about the content of this particular shop just a new way of showing existing collections available in other online retailers. Of course the prices speak for themselves in that they're mainly man made materials.

The latex wear that they're selling looks vaguely familiar hence the reference to
Oh and do check out Fantastic rubber as the word on the street (from German friends) is that the quality and production of their line is very very good.

The Germans, like the French seem to have this belief that their market is limited by language as can be seen by their reluctance to write their sites in English as the second language. True that Boga Heels have put an english tab on their site but i doubt they will ever update it.

Skin TWO Films Presents London Fetish GirlsFor a small fee i offer them and any other French or German store some assistance in writing their text in English.

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