Monday, April 19

Yet more high heels and an update

Reference my earlier blog post concerning the "Highest heels you've ever seen" i did a bit more research on the subject mater and came across a most informative site about trends called Trend Hunter on the .com domain. On delving deeper i discovered that the ballet shoes in question were part of a Fetish exhibit at the Galerie du Passage in Paris. Unfortunately the exhibition appears to be over.
Over the years i've seen a great many people and performers come and go who portrayed themselves as experts in wearing ballet footwear with heels that would bring tears of discomfort to many people's eyes but low and behold one of my friends Imelda from Australia who does this with grace and attitude as can be seen here in this short Ballet Walk Video of Imelda walking quite gracefully in her ballet shoes of choice. You can find blog here
If Ballet heels and extreme heels are not for you the how about furniture for feet as depicted in this photo
Us humans have invented numerous ways to make up for physical shortcomings. Hair extensions. Breast augmentation. Calf implants. Fake nails. Shoes that boost short folks an inch or so is nothing new either. 
CITY GIRL-04, 4 1/2" Platform Pump Bronze Glitter Size 9These shoes, however, take the ‘make-me-taller attitude… well, a bit higher. Dubbed the “high chair” shoes, these heels feature three scaffolding-like bases to lift the wearer at least 6 inches off the ground. 

The hottest shoe designer today is Christian Louboutin, recognized best for his signature red sole that serves as his brand.
Everyone from Vogue editors to big time celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Paris and Nicky Hilton, and Oprah Winfrey belong to the wide variety of women who have been captivated by his shoes. He has reached across celebrity lines to the rave of everyone.

A closet of these will set you back a few thousand dollars which i suppose can be justified when your man spends thousands of dollars or euros in buying his dream car. But then again you can get your own pair from amazon for a fraction of the price

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