Wednesday, April 14

Toyah & These boots are made for walking

Brilliant to see this remake of the famous Nancy Sinatra song "These boots are made for walking".
This time it's done by the ever so talented Toyah Wilcox. Remember the band Toyah? Well that's her.

Now she's teamed up with Bill Rieflin (REM), Chris Wong - and guest band member Robert Fripp to form the Band THE HUMANS. 

You can read all about The Humans on Toyah's site.

They did a UK Tour back in February 2010, hopefully we'll be seeing those boots in Amsterdam before too long.


FritzR said...

Though many things have changed since the days of Nancy...
I still prefer the clip with her & Erika/ Lady A.
BTW: Is that infamous clip somewhere to be found on this site?

Lady Ana said...

I don't think i have the video we made together otherwise i would have posted it.
Could be stored away somewhere but if you have it still i'll post it.