Wednesday, April 28

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With so many blogs and websites all dealing with similar subjects it's hard to know where to look for ideas and inspiration but please note that if it involves High Heels whether on a Boot or a Shoe your 1st point of call should be this blog.
Why do i say this? Simply this, I know where to look and save you the time by searching out interesting articles, pics and links. For example check out this picture from Fashion Rogue A stunning ankle boot. I also love the style of what this girl is wearing.
Have you ever wondered where all of the shoes & boots go to when they're no longer in fashion? Do they trash them or do they give them away? I should be so lucky.

I also search out relevant articles to my gender that may appeal to you. Coming soon are more pictures and video of me. 
Don't forget to bookmark my site or subscribe to news feeds. My site LadyAna is currently pointing toward my Blog as i'm rebuilding the current site. 
Oh and before i forget it's Queensday here in The Netherlands on Friday so i doubt i'll be posting much. Queensday night is the night before queensday so remember that if you're not in bed by midnight it's time to go home.

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