Tuesday, April 27

Skin Two LateXtra - They yearn to read your news

Skin Two Fetish Yearbook 2009The Next Issue of Skin Two LateXtra is On The Way...
They Want Your News, they'll certainly be getting mine.
They're currently busy preparing issue 33 of Skin Two LateXtra – the magazine given away free at fetish shops and clubs across the UK, established over ten years. If you have a story from the fetish scene to tell, they'd like to hear it, so get in touch!  Email to tim@skintwo.com
Like to Get LateXtra for Your Shop, Club or Munch?
If you run a fetish shop, club or munch, they’ll send you a box of LateXtra free of charge, to give away to your guests. It’s a freebie they will enjoy! Email to tim@skintwo.com
Like to Advertise?
If you run a fetish business, whether it’s a club or a shop, or you’re an online trader, ads in Skin Two LateXtra are your most cost-effective way to reach the UK fetish marketplace. Download their ad information sheet here
For ad queries, mail to tim@skintwo.com or phone 020 8878 8123
Also Available Online Worldwide
If you don’t need the printed version, anyone can also download Skin Two LateXtra in PDF form at LateXtra. You can flip to the page you want and read it on your PC, or print it out – or even print the whole issue if you like.
Would You Like LateXtra by Post?
If you can’t get to a Skin Two LateXtra stockist, they’ll gladly post your own copy to you. The magazine is free of charge – you only pay for shipping. (£2 in the UK, £4 in the EU and £8 USA and rest of the world.) Pay via PayPal to skintwobusiness@googlemail.com or send a cheque to Skin Two, UKD House, Norstead Place, London SW15 3SA.
If you have any questions at all about the 33rd issue of Skin Two LateXtra, just email to tim@skintwo.com
Bet you didn't know that Skin Two also publish books and fortunately some very nice coffee items.

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