Monday, April 19

Making money online -

A few weeks ago i started a site through the .ws domain, WS refers to Western Samoa and the site i set up is called Fetish Info as
The company where you can buy and set up your .ws domain can be found at Global Domains international and best found via the promotional banners on this blog and also here

Not really knowing how best to proceed with this i decided to point the url to this blog hence the advertisments i've loaded onto the site. If you've ever fancied a business or a website of your own and have no clue where to start then this may just be something for you, not just as a website but also as a tool to build an income known as MLM (Multi Level Marketing).
In other words your very own business.
Back in the 90's i was involved with a multi level marketing company called Amway UK and worked through an organization called International Business Systems, IBS for short. Putting my name and time to this business i through my upline created a strong business unit which although didn't make a lot of money initially it had the potential to make millions for all concerned. Amway: The True Story of the Company that Transformed the Lives of Millions
Having decided to quite the business after some personal challenges i realised that had i stayed i could have retired from working the 9 to 5 routine that exists today.
So why not join me and see what can do for you.

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