Saturday, April 24

La Maitresse du Pirate - First Party REPORT

They say that life experiences come in many forms and although my latest experience was tame by comparison to many other events and parties i have been fortunate enough to have been able to attend, the possibilities of Antwerp featuring in my social and professional agenda are largely increased following a recent visit to that fair city.
Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb General Assortment It could be said that Belgian chocolate would be enough reason to visit Antwerp but not the whole as the fetish party scene is slowly but surely getting back it's notoriety of years gone by with the inception of a brand new party concept hosted by the most charming Belgian socialite Fleur Pierets. The party took place last Thursday 22nd April just outside Antwerp in what i believe is a swingers club and the party gave itself the name of Welcome to my Playground promoted by La Maitresse du Pirate.
The event was more a social BDSM evening and by invitation only hence there being virtually no promotion apart from a mention on Facebook via this link Facebook - Welcome to my Playground
and on my blog, see my previous entry Antwerp for BDSM & Transgender nights Although there was some house type music and around 50 attendees including some faces i've seen at other parties the concept does show a lot of promise and i look forward to being able to recommend Fleur's next event.
Some interesting concepts were on offer at the party. On arrival we were given the following packs to use or in my case keep to show you.
Once inside the club we were offered a free glass of cava and introduced to many people. Later there was a Bondage demonstration by a Japanese lady and an apparently famous Belgian bondage expert. Laid out on the various tables and bars was an interesting BDSM concept whilst a great idea is something that needs a little work for the next party. I took one with me and have scanned it for you to peruse.
The La Mistress du Pirate website is a site in its infancy and is promoting itself as a pleasurable  bdsm-government. They offer an inspiring forum for any like-minded by offering a number of exciting services to the visitor. The site is written in Dutch and i would suggest that you use google to translate the text if so desired.
 Judging by the site and my brief conversation with the lovely Fleur i believe that we're going to see a lot more of the La Mistress du Pirate concept in the months and years to come.

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