Thursday, April 15

The Highest Heels You’ve Ever Seen

I saw these heels online recently and I couldn’t go around them. May be some of you have already seen these shoes but for me it was a surprise. I’m talking about the Highest Heels you have ever seen!
The Highest Heels You Have Ever SeenThese high heels shoes dubbed the season of "extreme footwear", the shoes that can rightfully be described as fetishistic. The Oxford English Dictionary defines fetishistic as an object which serves as the stimulus to, or the end in itself of, sexual desire.
Several years ago, in Paris, there was an exhibition celebrating the concept of fetish. David Lynch and Christian Louboutin had collaborated for the baldly named photography show Fetish, in which two women pose in a Blue Velvet atmosphere for Lynch, wearing Louboutin shoes.

"...heels celebrate a woman," Rees says. "They add and emphasize a woman's curves: they are not about skinniness." In the notes accompanying the Parisian show, Louboutin writes, "David Lynch had only one demand: 'No bones'." And the models are lusciously curvy.

"Our take has always been to make a woman feel good about herself," Rees continues. But how does wearing shoes that squeeze make anyone feel better? "A woman who feels sexy feels good about herself, but she has to be doing it for herself, not a man."
So one comes to the conclusion that a woman feels better if she believes she's looking good, but isn't that just because she's getting sexual attention, in which case, isn't it ultimately another example of women suffering physical discomfort for male attention?The Highest Heels You’ve Ever Seen

Let’s see what women think about the highest heels they have ever seen:
- Oh my god, those HIGH HEELS. I have no idea how anyone could walk in those!
- I love wearing heels, and do it as far as I can tell for the fun that it is to wear them, I sometimes just walk around the house in them, with no one else to garner attention from but myself. They are a wonderful tool to add to life, and have had a huge part in history and the definition of womanhood. Those high heels are so beautiful, I adore them.
- Wow! Those are amazing shoes. I can’t imagine anyone wearing these highest heels!
- Those shoes are INSANE! I could never wear those.

Is the energy a woman puts into looking good ultimately spent simply to attract attention from men (or other women)?
We all know there's no universal answer to this. Some people say with confidence that they dress only for themselves, and only suspect that subconsciously there are times when they try to impress both the men and women that are going to be around. Others boldly admit that often times impressing others is the basis for their appearance choices in the morning, and before going out at night.

What about you? Whom do you cloth yourself for?

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J.B. said...

I love pretty leather boots with very high heels!! :3