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Cruise Elastic - May 22 Paris, France

The well known French Fetish store DEMONIA, famed for NUIT DEMONIA & NUIT ELASTIQUE are once again organizing another Elastique event this time entitled CROSIERE ELASTIQUE, translated into english as
Saturday, May 22, 2010
from 20:00 to dawn
[12th anniversary of Night Elastic]
Tickets available at the shop or online at the Demonia online store.

Unfortunately for us English speaking folk the site and the Demonia party mailings are all in French and with no translations available it's up to us to either guess or use google's translation service to tell us exactly what they have written. So this is what they said in their mailing. I've condensed the mailing where possible so you may understand where they're coming from. So here goes and maybe the following video will help.

Paris is always Paris and Paris will always be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. To organize a fetish event in Paris is in itself a great thing, a cosmopolitan city, combining art, culture and sense of celebration, a city imbued with history and always in turmoil, but the dream was to host a party in a setting in which to truly feel in Paris, because a cellar, a disco or a club like this is always a bit hit and miss as to whether you're in Paris, London, Amsterdam or Tokyo.
One of the most typical sights of Paris is, without doubt, the tourist boats plying the Seine amid centuries of history and architecture of the capital. And it's even more beautiful at night when the buildings are highlighted by lights that are full splendor of this most romantic city.
By combining the idea of tourist cruise on the Seine and of organizing an evening of vinyl, latex and leather, the organizer of the NIGHT ELASTIC hit really hard in the club of major fetish by offering a unique concept while mixing two ideas that have been proven separately, cruises on the Seine and the fetish, the stroke of genius was simply to bring them together.
Exactly one year after the first ELASTIC CRUISE, here is the third in its NIGHT ELASTIC sailing: a special edition will be an opportunity to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the evening. If you do not know Night Elastic, know, to summarize, it is the most famous regular fetish party in Paris. It is held every month and brings in its editions "ordinary" between 250 and 400 people. It is also the evening's most turbulent of the kind with a diverse audience, loyal, enthusiastic, excited comprised of artists, couples, transvestites, the androgynous, of Gothic, exhibitionists, fans of Japanese sexuality, dominatrix ... "A merry mess" as the creator  likes to emphasize.
And since nothing is too good for this 12th anniversary, a huge gourmet buffet will also be offered to all sailors who will participate in the fetish event! A buffet will be installed during the first part of the evening in the largest room of the ship (the River King moored just in front of the Maison de Radio France, not far from the Eiffel Tower), opposite the small cozy lounges where It is so nice to start the evening.
The CRUISE & Elastique takes place in two stages, one of the cruise itself and that of the evening "dancing & whatever. The first part, for reasons of maritime safety, is restricted to 350 people. In fact, the boat can not carry more than 350 people when traveling. No need to stress that it is more prudent to buy a ticket as quickly as possible if one wishes to enjoy the experience. During the early evening that begins at 8pm (the start of the cruise is around 9pm) you can find throughout the ship bars, dance floor, video projections and photo studio. Then you head to the buffet, you sit comfortably at a table to eat with friends or people you meet then you go on the huge deck of the boat when it will embark on her cruise lasting approximately 90 minutes. The atmosphere of the cruise is always wonderful, welcoming people from each other bridges over the Seine and from the other boat (boat tours, restaurants boats, private boats and outboard of the river police).
Throughout the One hour and thirty minute trip you will see the Eiffel Tower, Musée d'Orsay, Trocadéro, Place de la Concorde, Notre Dame, the Invalides, the National Assembly and so much more.
Once the cruise has finished at around 11pm, the second part of the evening begins and the party will explode as another 300 or so party revelers join the cruise guests to make a truly wonderful party for all concerned.

Whatever formula you choose, the CRUISE ELASTIC offers you a unique and unforgettable night.

DJ: DJ RTT (techno & more), DJ Fred Bat (dark electro), DJ Francis Wolf (Metal & Rock) Niko & DJ (electronica).
Smokehouse housed on the deck of the boat. Cloakroom and changing room.

Two options to choose from:
• SPECIAL FORMULA (from 20.00): 90-minute cruise on the Seine + + unlimited gourmet buffet evening classical to 5:00 am.
25 euros all inclusive. Only in advance. Tickets on sale at the Boutique Dèmonia - 22 Ave. Jean Aicard - 75011 Paris.
• CLASSIC FORMULA (from 23:00): only the evening (after the ship returned to dock, so no cruise, no buffet).
12 euro presale at Boutique Dèmonia. 20 euros on the door.

Location: KING'S RIVER BOAT - 100 Avenue du Président Kennedy - 75016 Paris. (Just opposite the Maison de Radio France).
Metro: Passy
Parking: in front of the dock on the boat (fee required).
Access is by boat in the tunnel located between the station and parking.
Access discreet and secure.

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