Tuesday, January 26


Hi Gang

Thought i'd update you all with some new things I just added to my blog. I saw that there was a rating box I could add so you could anonymously rate each article i've written.

Paris was a mess and my writing was all over the place so if you're watching out for further parts i'm afraid you may not see them.

Things have in recent weeks fallen into place, largely due to the new love of life. Her name is, hmm not sure if I should tell you. Maybe if you ask nicely. She is what us TGirls term as a real girl but we're so very similar in many ways. In fact i've wished for this for years. So for now i'm not spending as much time (as I used to) online these days. However should you go to a Gothic or Fetish event that we like you will undoubtedly see her. The next one is on 27th February in Zaandam, just outside Amsterdam called Boudoir Bizarre. Oh and yes, we're going.

Don't worry though, i'm working on a brand new site, with a totally new name. The look will be a take of me on Dita von Tease & Stella van Gent. Watch out ladies, i'm in love so watch out....

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