Tuesday, January 19

China - 7 Inch heels for Men

Recently on my regular foray on Ebay i came across a seller who specialized in the sale of 7 inch high heels. Upon a little digging i discovered that the heels in question are sourced from a manufacturer in China and the initial offering is for shoes made out of PU, PVC and the like which although cheap, are in my opinion only ever good for photo shoots.

Being passionate about high heels and with an addiction for extreme heels i wonder what a pair of leather shoes would look like. Obviously looks aren't everything as i have in the past bought a pair of leather shoes from 6ihf and was rather annoyed that the shoe didn't feel as good as it looked. 

I'm reliably informed by Green Flash as he likes to be known that the manufacturer will make all the shoes in question in leather if the customer wishes it. You can see his Ebay site HERE

Leather Crotch high boots are approximately $320.00 whereas ballet ankle boots retail at $120.00
Obviously with any purchases online you take a bit of a risk as there's no guarantee that they're going to fit. But then again to fulfill a passion for an addiction maybe the risk is worth it.

Green Flash tells me that he started selling this kind of footwear because of his passion for extreme heels and offers the sale of this footwear for Men as opposed to the genetic female. 

How it works is that the customer selects a style, size, colour & pays with paypal. He places the order usually the same day of payment and delivery is usually within the 20 business days.  The order is then dispatched direct to the customer in a plain unmarked box by international courier. This process is known as Drop Shipping. So far he reports to having had fantastic feed back from those that have tried his business model.

He goes on to tell me that all the styles can be made in leather but to keep the shoes/boots availiable for the majority of customers with a low price they are made either in shiny pu or a matt leatherette which he admits is really good, soft and slightly stretchy. 

Hmm, i'm not so sure but i welcome the opportunity to try them for myself.

Do take a moment to check his Ebay store as from later this month he is going to be stocking the best sellers, mainly the crotch boots in matt leatherette and some ballet styles. These will be then despatched by Royal Mail special delivery (from the UK) ensuring a really fast service.

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