Thursday, November 26

Buying ThighBOOTS

Has anyone ever noticed the plethora of websites around these selling the most gorgeous clothing, particularly the new mainstream fashion of Thighboots?

I just came across a site in the US under a subdomain so i'll annotate as Practical ThighBoots

The boots in question have a lovely block heel which would make it perfect for walking in and wearing daytime. Not quite genderless but very in keeping with Kate Beckinsales' look in the film Van Helsing.

Talking of which, did anyone see Dracula early hours Sunday morning on BBC3 i think. Pretty scary when you've just woken up.

Getting back to boots and why i posted the reference. Why is it that the retailers of these kind of sites do not give specific information so as to make it easier for people to decide if it's going to be a worthwhile purchase. I mean, we're all different and for $495.00 i'd like to know things like the length of the zip, the height of the boot and whether the free shipping applies Worldwide.


Sunday, November 22

Digital Media - FACTS

There's little point in me explaining it......when all you need do is watch this

Tuesday, November 17

Busy Fetish Bees

The weekend just gone was one of of great enjoyment what with what is termed a mediocre Goth party at The Korsakof on Lijnbaansgracht here in Amsterdam. The party itself is pretty poor but what makes it so nice are the people but more to the point my friends. Sasha de Monaco who i have mentioned here several time before told me at 3am that she was Gothord. What she meant was that she had that same feeling that we got upon attending a sadly demised party called Gothord that used to be held 3 or 4 times a year at a hippy commune just outside Amsterdam.

After about 4 hours sleep on Saturday i met up with some friends (Tasche and Tom) visiting from Antwerp. Drank some coffee before heading off to Bizarre Design and to meet up with Jeroen van der Klis, one of those interesting characters who makes the most exquisite corsets you have ever seen. His atelier although small and functional is located at a temporary home on Leidsekade, just off Leidseplein. If you're looking for something that little bit different and made to measure then he's your man. His website Bizarre Design although a little out of date and not very functional is a true representation of what this lovely man can achieve.

Next stop was JC Creations and the home of bespoke and ready made quality every day corsetry but with the ability and knowledge to make a corset not only for the connoisseur but also anyone seriously keen on achieving the perfect hour glass figure. Whilst the likes of Vollers, Axfords and Lux Tenebrae do make functional corsets at a very reasonable price i for one would be better off getting a made to measure number that is designed to fit my body. 

Re my last post i've received quite a few comments from readers saying that in their view there's another party that they would associate more with Amsterdam. The party is question is called Wasteland and whilst a hugely popular event attended by all kinds of people it's not the kind of party that specialised in one particular fetish but that it caters for all and everyone from the mildly curious to the insanely mad.

The Saturday just gone was Wasteland's 15 year anniversary party and the organizers told us it would be an extra special event and they were right as they pulled out all the stops and created a magical fetish fest for all.

You can always tell when you're getting close to Hemkade and the current home for Wasteland as the traffic slows to a crawl as car upon car interspersed with a bus creep ever so slowly to the entrance only to find the reason for such a crawl is the somewhat impromptu distribution of the ever growing bundle of party flyers and store discount cards. I saw that both Demask and Female n Partners are giving 20% discount on presentation of one of their promo cards. 

The doorbitches were their usual crazy selves putting together impromptu acts of humiliation aimed specifically at those borderline party goers who create an outfit (read as cheap and nasty) slightly fetishy. 

I wish i could say that i saw all of the acts when in actual fact i saw very little. Unlike the walkable fashion show of partygoers at SEOne for the Skin Two rubber ball we found ourselves being pushed or jostled and crammed into ever degreasing spaces as we attempted move around the venue to see an act here and there. 

The performances i saw were indeed quite nice and i kick myself that i didn't see the SkinTight fashion show, particularly as they have a new range. A pity their webshop isn't up and running either. But i did enjoy the projected show in a small space that many of us took part in a few weeks ago and in case anyone was looking for me i saw that my gasmasked look was portrayed quite nicely. Will certainly look forward to seeing the rest of that when it's put together. If you bookmark Run_paint_run myspace page i'm sure it only a matter of time before we see the Wasteland presentation.

According to the wasteland site there are some pictures of the event online. Odd really as the only photographer i saw was the one in the photobooth charging EUR10 per emailed pic and the pics that are titled Nov09 are of people i know who weren't even at this particular party. Curiouser and curiouser. 

Great meeting so many friends again and a big hello to Martin and Anita of, Steven of Bondinage, Ties, Run paint run and the ever so sexy pregnant Cat.

If you're like me and into art but with a difference you would have marvelled at the work of Tinus D and his really nice exhibition of work in the upstairs gallery. His style is very much Mad Max meets steampunk and i love it. Go check his site out and if you're ever in Hoorn (North of Amsterdam) go check out his gallery.

Monday, November 16

Paris here we come

My thanks to Laurence and the crew of Nuit Demonia for their kind invitation to their party on 10th December. As i've not been to this party for a couple of years i'm looking forward to a few days in Paris and maybe some other parties too. 

I'm travelling with the devil himself, Duiveltje (little devil) and we're bound to cause quite a stir. 

For high heel fans i'm almost tempted to wear my 6" heel knee boots for some of the night so if your sub and wish to lick the tips on my heels you'd better make sure you have a comfy seat handy where i can rest my feet.

Boudoir Bizarre and Pain versus Pleasure.

Around a year ago whilst visiting the UK i was contacted by a Dutch TGirl called Daphne De Jong (click her name for her online presence) and shortly after returning back to Amsterdam we made a plan to meet up and have spent many a wonderful day enjoying one another's company. From time to time we like to go to parties together and as she's such a lovely person (pretty too) she's a joy to hang out with. 

Saturday 31st October was Halloween and with it a Fetish celebration of such magnitude that we just had to attend and give into our pervy desires and dance the night away at Boudoir Bizarre's Halloween bash. Boudoir Bizarre is also represented on Myspace.

If you've been reading my previous post you would have caught a glimpse of a comment referencing biting virgins and although i did spot some interesting morsels there were alas no virgins to be had & thankfully the Absinthe bar didn't run out of the green fairy juice until after the witching hour. Pics and a true representation of the party may be found from the link above. But here's an image of my offering for the evenings celebration.

The acts were plentiful and interesting but one or two were far too choreographed and almost similar. There was however one real life act that could not be choreographed as it deals with the issue of pain and hence an appearance from Dr Mad's Freakshow but as they don't make it easy to find their web presence you'll just have to take my word for it and see the picture below.

I would imagine that once the initial pain has gone the endorphins kick in and with it a natural high. Top of the bill was a show from The Blood Squad and although they're acquaintances of mine i think they could have done better.

One thing i've noticed from attending more than my fair share of fetish parties is that no two parties are the same. Over the years a great many parties have come and gone, unfortunately we're now left with those that merely exist to make money. For quite some time Europerve was synonymous with Amsterdam and although Boudoir Bizarre is a relatively small offering i think it only a matter of time before people will find that association once more.  

Friday, November 13

Definitive Heel Guide - Part 1

"Because of my love of quality i probably already have the solution."

Don’t have and doubts that mountainous killer heels demand extra care and practice for walking in. Maximum impact and fashion effect is a certainty though, when wearing classically styled and; a particularly slender stiletto with ultra high heels.

Ankle boots can look more subtle and even stunning when worn with jeans; they really finish your foot detail beautifully and certainly make you walk tall. Go on try a pair, you’ll love them, but watch out for far too much attention.

When fully lined they even offer a completely stylish and high fashion alternative for autumn and even winter wear outdoors when the weather turns a bit chilly. A semi or long point toe is a classic design which looks distinctive and very stylish.

You can obtain soles in Red, Beige (my favorite) or black. A Red heel block can compliment say a Red skirt or jacket top. Being who I am, I naturally favour a latex ensemble.

I'm offering a service as part of my core business to find and obtain such footwear for you. 

Give me your specifications and depending upon how long it takes me to find your desire depends on my finders fee. 

Because of my love of quality i probably already have the solution.

Thursday, November 12

Interesting Shoe Sales

Being an avid collector of quality high heel shoes, boots, mules & sandles i subscribe to a number of notification services that keep me updated with new offers. The latest ones just in are pretty good, alas none in my size.

Anyway, as i'm a nice person i thought i'd share the latest ones with you.

LA Piazza - Clearance Footwear

Shoes 4 Style - Ebay seller.

If anyone sees anything you think i may like in a UK8 which equates to a 41 & 42, at least for me anyway
just let me know.


Monday, November 9

Wacky Humour

Coming up this week in my blog is a report on Boudoir Bizarre, a fetish party held on Halloween but until i finish it i just wanted to share a few items i came across that tickled my rather inane sense of humour.

This guy has an interesting job don't you think?

The wording that went with this picture said that you needed to have your eyes tested if you could see a girls' naked ass. Nearly fell off my chair when i saw the reference to the photographers shoulder.

Wednesday, November 4

Obscene - Final report & pics

With the lovely Raymondo.

Last weekend i attended the Obscene Fetish party here in Amsterdam. The original location was meant to have been on board a former ocean going trawler called The Stubnitz but the event had to be moved to a different location and probably one of the reasons why it was so poorly attended by the Fetish purists.

As i had a free evening i graced their audience with my attendance and had a lovely time with friends old and new.

For the evening i styled my hair a little differently and put a parting above my left eye. Not sure how it will look but i had my photo taken many times so will look forward to posting these when i get my sticky paws on them.

For my outfit i chose my front zipped Red Daxine catsuit, underbust black leather corset, black knee high docs and thin black latex wrist gloves.

The feelings and sensations of wearing this outfit in the warmth of a party environment are in my opinion the best (after good sex of course) a girl can get.