Thursday, October 29

The ART Project Amsterdam

As i'm heavily involved in this project i thought everyone would like to have a read about it as by the time you come and visit Amsterdam we'll probably be up and running.

ART Project Info

The aim of The ART Project is to support would be Artists, DJ’s, Performers, VJ’s and crew of the End Of The World (24/7) party concept, due for final realization by May 2010.

The promoter and owner of this cutting edge concept is Opus6Productions and is working alongside the ART Project to encourage established and would be Artists of all genres to come together in a friendly proactive environment. As well as being a stepping stone to stardom through the End Of The World party, the ART Project is also an opportunity to meet fellow artists, find support with one another and to brainstorm ideas.

The Art Project and Opus6Productions believe that information should be FREE for all, however they realize that an Artist must also be able to live and to support themselves and therefore are in a position to be able to offer assistance to this end should they not already have something in place.

Did you go to a party and thought to yourself I could do better?
Does the world see you as an outcast or a (social) misfit and you find yourself stuck with nowhere to go?
Are you a Lifestyle fetishist or perhaps looking to practice your hobby no matter how weird or wacky it is?
Do you have a fantasy that you would like to play out but do not know where to do it?
Perhaps you’re Gay or Lesbian. Maybe you’re a Cross Dresser, Transvestite or Transsexual. You could indeed be a Goth or an emo.
Have you ever wanted to get more exposure as an Actor, Performer, Musician, Dancer, DJ or VJ?
Maybe you’ve never performed anywhere but have always wanted to but have never found an opportunity.
If you see yourself in any of the above The ART Project would love to hear from you.

Artists of all media will have the opportunity to display their work on the walls of the venues as well as media broadcasting across the World Wide Web and on a specified FREE Website.

Email Art Project at

The ART Project

Wednesday, October 28


HALLOWEEN is fast approaching and with it a spate of parties and opportunities to dress as your scariest.

I'll be doing my best to enter into the festive season biting a few virgins. After all this is our Christmas time and i'd like to wish everyone a wonderful festive occasion.

The link below is to a rather nice E-MAG from the well known Publisher of BIZARRE Magazine in the UK.

Dark desires
Lady Ana

Tuesday, October 27

German Rubber Scene

Yesterday whilst editing my blog concept i came across a german social networking group of great interest to me and my love of latex. Whilst i wouldn't normally give the time of day to anything in a foreign language (apart from Dutch) i decided to go ahead and join their network

The network in question is called LATEXZENTRALE. Follow the link and you'll see why. I have to admit that although the place is infested by a number of wannabe's it does seem as though the majority of the German scene are using this site.

Ok so it's in German and we all know that there are 3 nationalities (English, Germans & French) who are not as adaptable to speaking in a foreign tongue as say the people of Holland who on the whole speak an average of at least 2 languages, English being one of them. I can recommend a number of language translation sites that offer free translations but the one i use in the main is called SYSTRANET.

Many people often ask me what it is i am looking for through joining such a community. The answer is simply one of networking and getting myself known with my plan of making my Lifestyle pay for itself through all kinds of media.

When i left school (a few years ago) i fulfilled one of my passions by entering the Aviation Industry and last year i decided to give all of that up in favour of pursuing what is now my number one interest and am making positive headway into fulfilling my desire of being who i really am. Naturally these things take time but i hope to be able to encourage a few more like minded individuals to join me on my quest for what for the vast majority is but a dream.

Monday, October 26

Wasteland Video Shoot

Yesterday a bunch of us from the Amsterdam Fetish scene met at the atelier of Run_Paint_Run. Remember, he was the guy who painted my portrait in a rubber hood.

Unfortunately i cannot show you any pics of the video we shot but if you're going to Wasteland on November 14 you'll see the end result.

Also appearing was Sasha De Monaco, Natsumi Scarlett, The crew, Valerio, Felina, Ropemarks, Loeke, Daphne and many more.

The reference to the hood is a clue to one of the outfits i was wearing.

Boot Pics

I keep getting requests asking for pics of my 6" Black Knee boots from SkyScrapers so here are a few for you to enjoy.

Saturday, October 24

AGENDA Update 2009


24 October - Meet the TGirls - Amsterdam
31 October - Boudoir Bizarre - Zaandam (20 minutes from Amsterdam)
14 November - Wasteland - Zaandam (20 minutes from Amsterdam

Being a party personality I welcome any invitations to appear at events.
Mail me for details.

Friday, October 23


Anyone trying to access my flickr page will have realised that i'm no longer active on this site. It was good whilst it lasted but thanks to the ineptitude of Flickr my hard work there has gone down the drain.
I have therefore decided that i will keep a small presence there (Link above) so fans can find me on portals less prohibiting so remember to bookmark my Blog, the link of which is below.

Tuesday, October 20


Whilst checking out my YouTube channel LadyAnaMorphic
I came across this marvelous video all about a little
heard of Shoe & Boot Retailer called
"Burlesque Blue"

It's high time i was asked to promote such a company to
the Fetish Community at large.

Monday, October 19

High heel Fetishist

Whilst searching ebay for interesting items i came across this seller in the USA who is selling shoe lasts and one off items of footwear which could be interesting for the heel fetishist.

A great shame that they only have one of each. Have a look and you'll see what i mean.

Saturday, October 17

Halloween Special

Imagine parties like Torture Garden & Club Rub as one entity with a really friendly crowd and a choice of great music, inspiring visuals and acts of intrigue and excitement then you have Boudoir Bizarre.

Date: Saturday, 31 October, 2009 -
22:00 to 05:00

De Kade
Zuiddijk 11
Zaandam, 1500PL
20 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam.

Naturally i will be there and i hope some readers make the journey to Amsterdam to party with me.

Friday, October 16

BLOGS I follow

Whilst i'm in a writing mood i thought you'd be interested in a couple of Blogs which i follow.

The first as a wonderful friend who lives in Australia called Imelda who's passions are similar to mine but with the exception of Latex. Ballet Heels

The second is a friend from the UK who is also passionate about boots.

Oh and if you're going to subscribe to my channel or any of the above it would be great if you'd do this via the google friends tab shown on the initial page. As i only just set mine up i've no idea who the current subscribers are.

Yesterday i had a wonderful session at The Black Tulip hotel here in Amsterdam with a guy from Spain. Of course we filmed it and no i'm won't be doing a preview just yet, instead you may imagine what happened when i took my time and fisted him. The funniest scene was was when i turned round to the camera and said "That's 8 fingers".

Last 12 the future

Many of you are probably wondering where my new website is and the answer is simply a case of finding the right deal for me re a build and hosting.

Over the last 12 months i've shot somewhere in the region of 20 hours of quality fetish movies and some 800 pictures of brand new content not seen anywhere or by anyone.

If anyone wishes to purchase a signed colour photograph of me from work currently shown online i'm offering approximately 8x10 signed photographs for EUR25.00 including postage and packing anywhere in the world. Mail me at with your request.

For now, here are some promo pics for your delectable delight.

Happy weekend.

Saturday, October 10

Berlin - 21 November - HELP!!!!

On 21st November there's this really great party i would really really like to go to, the challenge being that it's in Berlin, Germany.


If anyone reading this is going and would like to put me up for a few days i would like to hear from them.

Not sure what i will wear but am thinking of something along the lines of.........



Monday, October 5

Art Project

As the Gothic & Alternative scene here in Amsterdam appears to be almost dead i together with my friends at Amsterdam Style have taken it upon ourselves to form The ART Project held at a number of locations on different days of the week here in Amsterdam.

The ART project as we are calling it is currently being held on Tuesday (from 20 October) & Thursday evenings 8pm to midnight. It is an opportunity for artistic people to come together in a safe environment with the proviso that they come with a view to contributing something.

The ART project (at the moment) isn't a social event nor is it a play party.

To get a feel of the kind of things we are doing see this short movie clip created at a previous ART Project

Interested parties may contact me directly should they wish to join the group.