Monday, March 23

High Heel Social Event - Amsterdam

Last Saturday night a whole gang of met at my place for drinks and chit chat before heading over to the Occii (squat dance club) literally a 20 second walk from door to door. The party was and event called Spellbound and is advertised as a Queer underground dance party.

Had a brilliant time dancing with lots and i do mean lots of guys, had my ass pinched several times but the rest is X-Rated so best if i leave it there apart from saying that it was great to see Maurice & Alan, over from Cork in Eire. Even better was when they said the party was the highlight of their weekend. Quite a compliment considering they came over for 2 concerts; Emilie Autumn & Combichrist. Amanda their hostess was resplendent in Gothic black and looking every inch the model she should be. Angie came with us and had a fun teasing all genders including one pretty girl who caught her eye. Go girl!!!!

Looking ahead to later this year, probably September or October i am considering holding a party at Fetish Cafe here in Amsterdam where the theme will be high heels.

Admittance to the event will be open to everyone who adores wearing or even looking at Girls, Boys & TGirls wearing high heels. It'll be an opportunity for us all to be seen together and for the participants to wear their highest heels in a public environment.

For the moment it's simply an idea that i'd like some feedback on.


Tuesday, March 10

Free Tickets - Fetish Sins July 4th 2009

You may have read that i gave away 2 tickets for the last FETISH SINS party in February. Well the promoter has given me 2 more to give away for the next party


To ENTER all you have to do is visit my Yahoo page LATEX ADVENTURES and follow the instructions.




By all means try to cheat the system but what will you do for me?

Sunday, March 8

Dominatrix - 7th March Utrecht, The Netherlands

Saturday 7th March was supposed to be an opportunity for me to spend some quality time with someone who i originally thought was interested in me as a person and that we were going to have a really great afternoon and evening together culminating in a visit to the Dominatrix party in Utrecht. Unfortunately i'm not a mind reader and my crystal ball is broken and so i have no idea why the pre arranged date never materialised.

If anyone has ever read the book "The Secret" they will know that if you believe with all your heart that a solution is possible and take all steps to realise your need then it will come true. My thanks to Martin & Anita for coming to my rescue and for taking me to the party.

Here in The Netherlands there are 2 Fetish (not just parties) portal sites. One of them is called Gofetish (in Dutch) and the other is run my Martin & Anita and is called AltParty and is in English, Dutch & German. Both are different in so many ways and are full of interesting party tips, not just here in The Netherlands but also in the rest of Europe. I urge anyone who is into Fetish to take a look at both sites and if you see something in there for you, i suggest that you register.

Through GoFetish i was very fortunate to win 2 tickets for the Dominatrix party and it was my pleasure to be able to give one of my tickets to another less fortunate friend. Every time i go to Fetish parties i have this horrible lexxion security feeling and as i'd never been to Dominatrix before i was expecting a similar experience. Imagine my joy to find a another venue that treats its clientele like adults and waive the almost inexplicable reason for employing mini hitler security staff. So hurrah for the city hall catacombs for being human.

Once inside It was great to meet Brigitte More again as without her vision, parties like Dominatrix & Siberia (the smaller version of Dominatrix) would not exist. Once inside and having ditched my long coat in the cloakroom i set out to explore the Catacombs. What a simply marvelous underground location, lots of bare brickwork and hidden passageways which spoke volumes of what is a perfect dungeon kind of location.

The first dance area was a little packed with the inevitable semi naked party goers and not a splash of latex in sight. As i knew that Yggy, Badpakje, Toninl & Katja were here and all would be resplendent in Latex i wiggled my way through the crowd and continued my exploration to discover what lurked around the next corner and the inevitable meeting of like minded latex folk that i know and love so well.

Following a few glasses of Vodka met ice i was drawn like a magnet to the Gothic room and the sounds of Industrial music that i so adore dancing to. Great that they have a gothic room but what's not so great is the space as it's simply not big enough and when everyone is stood around chatting it can be quite a challenge to let yourself go.

Moving on to explore once more i discovered a nice intermediate bar all brightly lit with a stall attended by a smiling happy girl tying strings of licorice to you if you wanted it. Being a licorice fiend i loved it. Also dotted around the club were more vendors with ice lollies and shots of all kinds of liquid and trays of refreshing strawberries.
In fact i counted around 6 bars dotted all over the club which was a nice bonus as in most clubs i've been to it's usually 3 deep at the bar and real scrum to get a drink.

For the smokers there were 2 rooms where you could indulge at leisure. Unlike the UK you can also take your drinks in, which is nice bonus as i remember one such visit to the Skin Two rubber ball and having to leave my drink outside only to find that it had been lifted by the phantom cereal drink lifter by the time i had returned.

I always take it as a compliment when the resident photographer comes my way and asks if he can take my picture and i was a little disappointed to have to actually ask him to do just that. It kind of makes the whole dress up experience worthwhile and that my choice of outfit & makeup had been well received.

I'm not sure if it's just a Dutch thing (created by a social openness) as many people in this country have this idea that TGirls dress up purely for sex. Of course there are indeed an awful lot who do just this and who give us real TGirls a bad name. I, along with many of my girlfriends would like to set the matter straight and tell you that were are just like everyone else who regularly attends fetish parties and that we're here to conform to the dress code, enjoy our fetish, socialise and meet people for friendship.

As the night went on and people started to leave for their beds the dance floors became less packed which gave Yggy and i an opportunity for a little dirty dancing and the intoxicating smell and the ubiquitous feel of latex on latex. Where was Gudrun when we needed her approving eye?

By 5am the party was drawing to a slow but inevitable close and so before it felt like the end had been and gone we decided to wend our way back to Amsterdam and my almost routine mug of english tea with milk and sugar before climbing the stairway to my bed and dreams of what was a truly remarkable evening of decadence.

Fetish Sins

Part 3 of my birthday celebration took place at the Fetish Sins party. Yes, it's a Fetish party but the great thing about this event is that the organizer (Nico) has somehow managed to create a truly unique party catering for all manner of pervy beings. It's a mix of Goth meets mainstream with 2 dance floors(Gothic/Industrial & Trance), play area, chill out zones, stage area and a smoking room.

For me the party starts when i'm getting ready and deciding what i'm going to wear. By the time i reach a venue i'm always in a positive party mood but then comes the door search. Previous visits to the (The Lexxion) have destroyed my good mood. Not so this time as they finally got the message that we're adults and we do not want to be treated like we've got something to hide. Hurrah Lexxion you finally got it right, no body or bag search, in fact there was only one security guard at the door doing what a security guard should be doing and that is nothing. Unfortunately for the lexxion it's a little too late as the next party is going to be held at a much nicer (gezellig, dutch for cosy) venue in central Zaandam.

The location of the lexxion makes it very difficult to get to without a car, but fortunately for me my new friend Chantal Vipassana decided to give Fetish Sins a try and after a nice relaxing dinner together (cooked Fish again) at my place we got so caught up in conversation that we almost forgot about the party and didn't arrive until just gone midnight. We needn't have worried though as everyone else must have had a similar experience as we all arrived together and i had that feeling of one step forwards and 2 steps back as i worked my through the crowd of friends and admirers many resplendent in all manner of costume and for once not too much nakedness. I so love to see guys making an effort and i wasn't disappointed. Naturally us girls always go that extra mile but don't let me cloud your judgement and go have a look at the party pics here.

It was a pity that Yggy & Gudrun couldn't make the party as i distinctly remember a previous fetish sins where i was doing my dirty dancing routine for Yggy and we both got caught up in the music and the aroma of latex. Out of the corner of my eye i could see Gudrun smiling at seeing her man on an unexplainable cloud of happiness which made me really happy to know that i caused this sensation.

I somehow knew that this was going to be the best party for quite sometime when i spotted someone who shouldn't have even been in this country. In fact Angie should have been elsewhere but due to something out of her control she came back to Amsterdam 3 months earlier than planned. Really great seeing her again and now were spending some quality time together.

For some odd reason i always have a habit of missing all the stage shows and this edition was no exception as who should appear but my new friend Femke and her ex boyfriend Mark. There's quite an age difference between the 2 of them but they're both lovely people and Femke is going to make a dress for me. Hope that it's ready in time for the Wave Gothic Treffen at the end of May.

Parties for me are all about meeting friends (both old and new), chatting and dancing. I don't know why i love dancing so much but i treat it as a form of expression from within and i can understand how someone with a disability like blindness or being deaf (strange but true) can get lost in the vibe where time becomes inconsequential. Of course not every party makes me feel this way but at Fetish Sins it somehow always comes true and for once i missed my planned ride home. All was not lost as Mark and Femke came to my rescue and we spent a very sublime sunday together.


My friends have been asking me why is it that i never celebrate my birthday and i always replied that i was too busy doing other things and so this year i decided to celebrate and i'm really happy that i did. The best part wasn't the presents, sure they were all lovely but the one thing that made it very special was having my friends around me and just having a really great vibe.

Two days after my actual birthday i had a small get together at my house with drinks and snacks. I even made sushi and thought no one will like this so i only made 20 Tuna rolls. How wrong i was as everyone loved it. The party came to a close around 11pm and a bunch of us jumped on our bikes and cycled through the Vondelpark to The Korsakoff and round 2 of my birthday celebration. Pim aka Run_Paint_Run was DJ'ing in the upstairs bar at a party called Out Of Control. Yet more friends came and we danced, drank copious amounts of liquid and chatted until the small hours. By 3am my bed was calling and i headed home.

Whilst there are some things about Amsterdam which are not good there are a great many that make it truly unique and special, for example it's relatively safe and a lone girl on a bike feels safe cycling home. In other countries i've always felt like i towered over everyone, not so here as many guys are much taller than me. There are even quite a lot of girls who are my height. One such person is a very attractive personable 21 year old girl called Loeke. Maybe there's a photo of us together somewhere.