Wednesday, January 21

GUEST DOMME - Vienna, Austria

Way back in October of 2008 i was contacted by Studio Sanders in Vienna, Austria about appearing as a guest Domme at Studio Sanders in Vienna. When they realised that i do not speak German the contact stopped. Then in December of 2008 a gentleman from the said establishment made contact in English almost pleading for me to agree to going down there on a certain date in February.

Once we ironed out the issues re Travel & Accommodation he was all set to produce a set card for me and promptly changed my name to that of my middle name Annabel. When i asked why he was doing this he told me that he had to maintain exclusivity to his Studio.

Just in case anyone happens to navigate to the site in question i wish to make it absolutely clear that Mistress Annabel and Mistress Erika are one and the same and that i have given him permission to change my name for the sake of his business in Vienna.

You may see the site here and if you're going to be in Vienna 10 to 13 Feb be sure to book very soon as i cannot guarantee i'll be able to see you.

Tuesday, January 6


Any regular readers of my blog and my homepage will have realized that i am more than a flash in the pan but am an ardent lover of latex and of course have my own unique style of what is fetish and what is fetish perfection.

I have decided that 2009 is going to be my year and am currently working with a number of individuals with regards to showing the world an insight into my life and everything that is close to my heart and artistic nature.

Currently in production are a number of movies involving all kinds of people and in all manner of situations and whilst i have a great many ideas of what i like and what i think will work it is you the viewer who will make the ultimate decision. With this in mind i have recreated a new section on my homepage called SURVEY and ask that you take a few moments of your time and complete it as best you can.

All answers are yes/no. If you do not wish to answer you don't have to. There's a section where you can put any comments and all responses are anonymous. Do NOT make multiple submissions.

Love to you all.

Thursday, January 1

Worldwide Annual Heel Meet - Interesting, read on.

Hello everyone

I thought some of you would be interested in knowing that there is a Website called which discriminates against anyone who is not Male or Female.

As many people know i adore wearing high heels and discovered the above site through an online buddy, so last year i joined and was happy to be in the company of likeminded individuals. On the join page you have to indicate that you are male or female, so i naturally put Female as that is the closest to how i am. Anyway to cut a long story short my membership got cancelled a few days after joining because of the gender i indicated. I thought no more about it after this until i inadvertently emailed them just before christmas 2008.

Every year i send an emailed christmas card to people and companies wishing them well and included on the mailing database was
The card i sent was this

This is the reply i got back from
Dude, what exactly makes you think people want this “filth” in their emails at Christmas?
Christmas is NOT a time for “tranny porn”, so you really should be disgusted with yourself.

Any people who say this is good, are obviously going to be only ever interested in 1 thing, and really should have a mental health checkup too.
Maybe you should “drag” them along when you go for yours.

This is the exact type of behaviour that makes the world think that trannys are something “perverted” and those into it are a bit “thick” in the head.
Hardly an “embassador” are you....
End Quote

Naturally i replied in a courteous manner & wished him well. The above organization hold an annual World Wide Heel meet, one in Chicago USA & another in London, UK. Would anyone want to go to this event knowing that the above comments were made by an ambassador of the said organization?????